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The Narconon worldwide drug rehab and education programs have community activities in over 40 countries. This Narconon news site shows just a few of the many results of our drug prevention campaigns, as well as stories from graduates of the full Narconon program now living productive, drug-free lives. This site also contains Narconon press releases, data, info, Narconon recognitions and the newsletters.

Narconon also provides comprehensive training to professionals and organizations who are seeking workable drug rehabilitation and prevention solutions. For more information about the Narconon programs, please email us at Also, to quickly find a Narconon drug rehab center in your area, visit the Narconon network page.

Narconon's mission is to eradicate the problems of drug and alcohol abuse through effective drug prevention, drug education and drug rehabilitation services.

Narconon International News

October 26, 2010: -- Narconon Arrowhead works with community leaders to put on an event that will help inspire residents to turn to the arts, not drugs.

Narconon Arrowhead worked together with community leaders in a fantastic drug prevention campaign over the weekend in McAlester, Oklahoma. The inspiring event began... Narconon Arrowhead Takes McAlester Back.

Narconon Hungary sailboat

Hungary News: At the famous Balaton lake, the staff of Narconon Hungary continued to get their drug-free message out during the summer months with drug prevention presentations to youth.

Narconon Hungary drug prevention story

Narconon Mexico 10th anniversary

Mexico News: Drug rehab and prevention center in Queretaro, Mexico, celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Narconon Mexico drug rehab story

Dr. Sharif with Hyderabad drug addict

Hyderabad, Pakistan News: May 12, 2008 -- A Hyderabad, Pakistan, Narconon drug rehabilitation doctor is trying to free his poor neighborhood from a damaging, addictive local drug, which he helped get declared illegal. Local drug manufacturers and pushers are threatening the doctor if he doesn't stop this work.

Pakistan full story

Here To Help -- he Narconon Hawaii drug rehab program

Hawaii News: Here to Help

Shocked to learn about Hawaii's 'ice' epidemic, Punahou grad Kelly Preston and husband John Travolta are in town for a fund-raiser Thursday evening to build a 60-bed teen drug rehabilitation center. (article by Susan K. Sunderland)

Narconon Hawaii story

DJ Hazze

Los Angeles News: The Positive Art of Hip Hop Happens in Los Angeles! Hip hop is a culture and Art form that transcends generations and has kept its integrity.

Full Narconon Hip Hop event story

Gordy Weinand at Narconon Arrowhead in 2003 being acknowledged as the first Narconon program graduate

February 19th is the official anniversary of the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation and Education Program. Mr. Benitez, the Founder of Narconon, passed away in 1999. Recently Gordy Weinand, his close friend and co-worker, and first graduate of the program, sent us his story about the early days: "After years of drugs and alcohol, I got busted in Phoenix, Arizona. I then wound up at the State Prison in 1967. While there I met William Benitez. After several weeks of working together, he told me about a program he had started called Narconon. It was related to drugs. I told him about my history with drugs and drinking. He then invited me to attend a meeting."

Narconon graduate video Ex-crystal meth addict

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