The Narconon network has seen the grand re-openings of many Narconon rehab centers in the last few weeks. In each opening ceremony, staff, students, graduates, families and communities celebrate the upgrade of both the facility and the program itself.

The program has been considerably streamlined, with educational videos making it simpler for participants to grasp the sober living concepts they will be taught. Every step has been reviewed and all-new manuals have been published to make the administration of the Narconon program exactly the same in every one of the some fifty centers located in every corner of the globe.

Narconon Garab ready for its opening ceremony.

Narconon Garab ready for its opening ceremony.

Here’s some of the locations that have enjoyed these festivities.

On November 22, Narconon Garab in Hungary opened their doors to their graduates and neighbors on a rainy afternoon. While it was gray and chilly outside, it was warm and welcoming inside the freshened-up interior.

Also in November, Narconon Eslov in Sweden installed the new video systems, outfitted their staff in the new apparel that accompanies these grand openings and welcomed friends and family in for a

New video installation for Narconon Eslov.

A new video display at Narconon Eslov.


In December, it was Narconon Freedom Center’s turn. This large facility in Albion, Michigan celebrated the update of this program that nears its fiftieth anniversary.

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan

Many other Narconon centers are in the process of being prepared for this upgrade and will announce their grand re-opening ceremonies soon.

In the last few months, Narconon drug rehab centers have been presenting a new face to the public. It’s the shiny face of a program that has been updated using all the newest media technology to enable clients to move more quickly and smoothly through the process of rehabilitation.

Around the world, Narconon centers are receiving new manuals to guide each client through each level of the program, new professional apparel for staff and comfortable casual apparel for clients, and an upgrade to their premises. A grand re-opening ceremony announces these new developments to their communities as each center completes preparations.

The launch of the new Narconon program in snowy Poggio San Romualdo.

Already, several Narconon centers have completed this relaunch. On the 28th of November, Italian center Narconon Astore welcomed friends, neighbors and graduates to snowy Poggio San Romualdo for their opening ceremony. In early December, another Italian center, Narconon Falco in Altilia, completed their renovations, outfitted their staff and commenced use of the new videos and program materials. Also launching this updated program were Narconon Argo in Spedino, about an hour from Rome, and Narconon Piedmont near Milan.

In late November, Narconon Taiwan in Hualien City premiered their new look and updated program. Narconon Louisiana, located near Baton Rouge, invited in graduates and neighbors for their new launch in early December.

Graduates returned to Narconon Louisiana for their re-launch.

Materials Reformatted for Speed and Simplicity

The updated Narconon program takes advantage of visual technology to make the program faster and more effective. Every level of the program has its own video introduction that explains what a person will experience on that step. If there are actions that must be learned, the video teaches them. As a result, there is less classroom time so each person spends a greater proportion of time completing the requirements of each level.

An introductory video thoroughly explains everything it is important for a person to know before starting the Narconon program. Nothing is left a mystery, nothing is left to chance.

The Best Time to Get Sober

When a person is struggling with addiction, any day could bring disaster. With the new, streamlined Narconon program, it’s possible that a stably sober new life could just be a few months away. The right time to get help for someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug use is right away, as soon as the problem is recognized.

Not everyone who needs help is ready to accept it. Narconon can help you through the steps you need to bring that person in the front door, ready to start getting his (or her) life back on track. Call today to start the recovery.

Excessive drinking costs American companies and the U.S. government hundreds of billions of dollars, weakening our economy, businesses and individual workers. Read the rest of this entry »

From their headquarters in Italy, two executives of Narconon South Europe traveled to Senegal to introduce the nation’s top-level administrators to the drug rehabilitation technology of Narconon. Executive Director Giovanni Citterio and President Ugo Ferrando arrived in Dakar, Senegal in early October to meet with advisors to both the President and Prime Minister. The purpose of the visit was to lay the

Meeting with the leadership of the anti-drug police.

foundation for the opening of a future Narconon drug rehab center in the country.

At the Ministry of the Interior, the two visitors learned about the addiction situation in Senegal. The country suffers greatly from a large domestic cannabis industry, the trafficking of opiates to the Western Hemisphere and cocaine to Europe. The large port of Dakar is a magnet for much of the drug trafficking in the region. Children in the country have easy access to fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks. The country needs a solution for the problem of addiction that affects so many families in this West African country.

At the Agency for Assistance for Security of the Neighbourhood, the visitors met with Dr. Niang and established a partnership to provide drug prevention services beginning in November. Dr. Niang and his staff are charged with providing assistance in any form to the country’s neighborhoods. Visits with two technical advisors to the President and Prime Minister, Ms. Diop and Dr. Ndiaye, were also on the agenda.

Meeting with Dr. Niang of the Association for the Security of Neighborhoods.

The office of the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal and United Nations Human Rights activist Aminata Touré was the team’s last stop. They thanked Ms. Touré for the support provided throughout the trip.

The following months should be exciting ones of development for this South Europe-Senegalese connection.

On September 13, 2015, the doors opened on an exquisite new Narconon drug rehab center perched on a hilltop near Ojai, California. This location, about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, was designed as a resource for those who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol or drug abuse.

During the grand opening event, dignitaries from local communities and guests flooded through the buildings, touring the accommodations, the sauna area used for the deep detoxification called the New Life Detoxification Program, the classrooms, lounges and dining area. All had been renovated to the highest standards of both beauty and functionality. Students on the Narconon program have access to a gorgeous indoor pool, 42 acres on which to take walks with staff and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean a few miles away.

Actress Kelly Preston described the role of this new Narconon center perfectly. Referring to the many losses due to drug and alcohol abuse among luminaries in the entertainment industry, she said, “Year after year we are losing our artists and colleagues we’ve worked with—often at too young an age. To make the tragedy even more distinct is the fact that we do have the solution that could have turned those lives around. We just haven’t had the location to deliver it. Until now. You don’t have to ‘always be a drug addict.’ You don’t have to ‘always be an alcoholic.’ That’s a lie. Our program works. And you can have a new life.”

In this private and safe location, it will now be possible to achieve lasting sobriety through the innovative Narconon drug rehab program. To learn more about Narconon Ojai or the Narconon program, call today.

It could be argued that the only measure of drug rehabilitation success is whether or not the individual uses drugs. While that would certainly be one valid measure, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has developed other milestones for measuring a positive outcome from drug rehabilitation.

In 2011, SAMHSA published a new working definition of recovery. They noted four major dimensions that support a life in recovery:

Health – includes living in a physically and emotionally healthy way

Home – a stable and safe place to live

Purpose – meaningful daily activities, such as job, school, family or creativity; plus the resources to participate in society

Community – relationships and social networks that provide support, friendship and hope.

If these characteristics don’t exist or if the person in recovery isn’t working toward them or at least has hope of developing them, then sobriety is hard to maintain. These characteristics were the subject of a followup survey of graduates from the Narconon Eslov rehab center.

Narconon Eslov

The followup method was a carefully tested Routine Outcome Monitoring questionnaire designed for use at Narconon centers but suitable for any drug rehab. By phoning graduates from a two-year period and using this questionnaire, it was possible to learn that 98% had been arrest-free, 100% had been incarceration-free, 87% had positive relations with their families, 75% were working or enrolled in school.

The survey also showed that 59% percent of all graduates had been drug abstinent since graduation and of the number who had experienced a relapse in the first six months, 80% had been abstinent since then.

The Narconon program emphasizes the learning of life skills that provide a foundation for each person who completes the program and returns home after graduation. These life skills guide a person’s decisions and even provide tools for a person to get back on a sober path if they wavered from their decision to stay sober.

One of the most active Narconon drug prevention teams in the world is the one in Hualien, Taiwan. From the Narconon rehab center on the east coast of the country, teams of staff and volunteers fan out every week to distribute educational materials to their neighbors. This time, the team traveled to the northern tip of the island to reach people they perhaps had not met before.

Keelung night market

The destination was Keelung City, a port city not far from Taipei. This city is renowned for having one of the most spectacular night markets in the country. At night, the streets of this district close down and the pavement is flooded with people eager for food, clothes or entertainments. But during the day, it’s possible to offer people educational materials on the dangers of drug use and engage them in conversation.

Narconon staff and volunteers from Taipei and Taichung spread out through the Keelung market, giving out brochures and answering questions. In this image, you can see the rows of bright lanterns overhead. At night, these lanterns, neon signs and fluorescent lights almost turn night into day.Taiwan drug prevention on the streets

But this day, it was all about helping the Taiwanese avoid injury and overdose death from drug abuse. In these images, you can see these tireless educators helping save lives.

At the invitation of a doctor in Nigeria, two Narconon executives visited the country to help with preliminary plans for a new Narconon drug rehab center in the country. Present from the Southern Europe Narconon Management Office was John Citterio and accompanying him was the Executive Director of Narconon Egypt, Karim Salah.

The invitation had come from Dr. Saidu, a medical doctor, who is interested in offering the Narconon program to those in the country struggling with addiction. The party visited locations in the country that could serve as facilities for this program, traveling from Kaduna in the center of the country to the sacred city Kano in the north.

At almost the same moment, volunteers in Lagos were visiting classrooms to teach young children about the dangers of drug abuse. At the beginning of the lessons, the children all participated in fun exercises that got them communicating with others in the room. Then bright and cheerful, the children were more interested absorbing the lesson of the instructor.

Children in Nigeria

In and around Lagos, Narconon volunteers have been active for years, even staging an annual parade and lesson on June 26th each year, in association with the local Drug Enforcement Administration. June 26th has been designated as the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and Narconon volunteers take this annual event to heart.

kids at Narconon talk in Penza Russia

Kids at the Narconon talk in Penza Russia

The summertime is the perfect time for children across the Commonwealth of Independent States to learn about the dangers of drug abuse. And so Narconon staff and volunteers from a number of different drug prevention organizations set out to reach as many children as possible. They brought a message to each child about the importance of staying drug-free.

narconon ufa elena valter giving drug ed talk to kids

Elena Valter of Narconon Ufa speaks to kids at local summer camp

The lectures took place in summer camp amphitheaters, dining rooms, classrooms and libraries. Young children curled up on oriental carpets and teens perched on theater seats or benches. Read the rest of this entry »

narconon cape town drug education talk Around Cape Town South Africa, the three top drugs creating destruction are alcohol, cannabis and “tik” – the local name for methamphetamine. Just a little over a decade ago, tik was almost unheard of. But the drug is easy to manufacture if you have the precursor chemicals so local drug dealers began to set up operations to distribute the drug to South Africans.

In Cape Town, Narconon drug prevention specialist Robert Van Der Feyst works tirelessly to take the Narconon anti-drug curriculum to students across the region. Read the rest of this entry »

Crowd at Narconon Standard event

Enthusiastic crowd at Narconon Standard event

On July 18, 2015, the Narconon center in the southern outskirts of Moscow celebrated 15 years of saving lives. For the occasion, a large yellow tent was set up, plenty of food was prepared and musicians and artists prepared their contributions for the occasion. Guests that were invited included graduates from the last 15 years, their families, staff from the rehab center, volunteers and supporters from the community. There was even a special song written by performer Al Chagall that expressed what it’s like to know you stand between an addicted person and his potential death due to overdose. Read the rest of this entry »

In the warm Mediterranean climate of Italy’s boot heel, Narconon Gabbiano welcomed back their graduates and families for their 27th anniversary celebration. Volunteers, supporters from the community, local authorities and neighbors were also welcome at the party held on the 19th of July, 2015.

Around the lovely swimming pool, guest sat at tables shaded from the sun. A long row of tables in the shade of a grove of trees bore an amazing array of food and drinks.

Of course there were speeches. There were thanks for those who volunteered for community projects and acknowledgements for those who were always there when needed. Graduates talked about their success staying sober after they went home, just to remind everyone that the game of Narconon is saving addicted lives. It was a sobering to realize that these fine men and women could have been lost forever if they had not received help in time. Read the rest of this entry »

narconon hungary staff If it’s July, then it’s time for Narconon Garab to open its doors to friends, supporters, neighbors and graduates of their drug rehab program. This year, as in years past, the grounds of the facility were filled with adults and children who came to enjoy the music, festivities and games.

garab event carriage ridenarconon garab kids fishingThe day started early, with a walking tour of the country property, followed by a petting zoo for the kids and a fun fishing game. Then a tractor took families for a ride around the lush green countryside. Later, there was a competition to see who could send water balloons the farthest, using a huge slingshot and painting and jewelry-making crafts for children. Read the rest of this entry »

graduates of Narconon astore in Italy

Graduates gather at the anniversary event for Narconon Astore

Sunday, June 28th in Poggio San Romualdo Narconon Astore celebrated its twenty-first anniversary of helping addicts recover from addiction. People traveled from around the country join the celebration which included staff, students, graduates, families, and friends. students plant a tree at Narconon Astore

The theme for the event was “rebirth”. A few of the students currently on the program planted a small fruit tree along the avenue leading to the center, as a symbol of rebirth and a new life free from drugs. In addition, along this same avenue a plaque was placed dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard, whose works are the basis for the Narconon program which have helped so many people over the years.

Following these activities the attendees gathered in the main hall, where approximately thirty graduates from 1985 to today shared their success and briefly described their new life after rehabilitation.

Parents were presented with certificates for completing a parents course while their son or daughter completed their Narconon program and all of these parents were very appreciative and gave thanks to Narconon Astore for the help they and their children had received.

The party concluded with entertainment provided by former student who sang and played guitar, along with refreshments and a beautiful cake served to all guests.

prescriptionPrescription drug abuse and addiction problems have rocked our country to its core.  In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that prescription drug abuse and addiction problems are now responsible for more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined.  Part of the problem with these drug substances is that few individuals recognize them as drug substances, or understand that they can be just as dangerous and addictive as some illicit drug substances.  These medications are FDA-approved and doctor recommended, and many individuals who lack further information regarding their true nature erroneously believe that this means they are perfectly safe to use or even abuse. Read the rest of this entry »

creole foodThere is no doubt that drug abuse and addiction problems are difficult to recover from.  Even with the right support and help, individuals who are seeking to overcome these problems may find that it is not easy or fast to do so.  In order to be successful, drug rehabilitation treatment must assist the individual in addressing and resolving each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug use.  However, treatment cannot end there. Read the rest of this entry »

marathonThere are many things that can threaten the health and happiness of humans, not the least of which is mental health issues and substance abuse problems.  These problems often go hand-and-hand, and they can quickly destroy lives, communities and indeed society at large.  When addressing these problems, often the biggest barrier standing in the way of full resolution is ignorance, which prevents individuals not only from comprehending these problems, but also from comprehending what can be done to solve them. Read the rest of this entry »

healthEstablished in 2001, the McIntosh County Coalition for a Healthy Community, or McCoCo, has worked hard to bring many resources into their local communities to help improve the overall health and well-being of the residents in these communities.  Some of these resources include the Drug Free Communities Grant, OCCY Grants, Systems of Care, Tobacco Control Grant, alternative activities for youth and the community so they remain drug-free, the county resource directory, the annual Resource Luncheon and many others.  The issues that face and trouble community youth are a high priority of the group, and McCoCo has long worked very hard to ensure that the youth of the community always has a safe and healthy place in which to grow up.  Activities like After Prom Parties, July 4th celebrations and the Halloween Trail of Terror help community youth discover the fun in drug-free, healthy activities. Read the rest of this entry »

healthyIt can be difficult, in an age of fast technology, for individuals to stay on-track for healthy living.  Not only can diet and exercise be an issue, but an overwhelming and ever-increasing supply of dangerous drug substances constantly threaten the general good-health of our society.  Sadly, many individuals simply are not aware of the various strategies that can be employed to ensure healthy living, or of the different services that may be provided in order to aid them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Read the rest of this entry »

peopleAs May is now upon us and summer is rapidly approaching, it is time to observe National Prevention Week. National Prevention Week is supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.  The main purpose of National Prevention Week is to increase public awareness of both substance abuse and mental health issues in an effort to increase general public action toward reducing and resolving these problems.  Individuals, organizations and coalitions in communities all across the country work hard during National Prevention Week to promote various prevention strategies, educate others and build stronger partnerships in the fight against substance abuse and mental health issues. Read the rest of this entry »