Here are a few Narconon news releases in December 2009:

  • Holidays Less Critical Than Saving Son’s Life from Addiction, Says Dad: Ten days before Christmas, Victor’s son arrived at Narconon Arrowhead in Canadian, Oklahoma. Four months later the family got the results they were praying for, Victor’s son was drug-free.
  • What Is Addiction: According to Narconon Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education Centers, addiction is defined as a condition characterized by repeated, compulsive seeking and use of drugs, alcohol or other similar substances despite adverse social, mental and physical consequences.
  • Narconon Drug Rehab Graduate Living Drug Free: Two years ago, when she thought things could not get any worse, Brandy overdosed on prescription pain medication. When her family found her she was unconscious and barely breathing. Brandy reports that a visit to the hospital to get her stomach pumped saved her immediate life and the Narconon drug rehab program gave her life back.
  • Cravings – The Downfall of Sobriety: The Narconon program in Louisiana recognizes how vital it is to address cravings in an individual in order to permanently stay off drugs and alcohol. Cravings result when an individual has consumed enough drugs and alcohol that their body requires it.
  • Guilt Is One Main Reason Addiction Increases During Holiday’s: The Narconon program in Michigan directly deals with the factors behind the guilt through precise techniques that have been developed and are in use in the Narconon program that enable an addict to obtain relief from his past misdeeds and obtain a new fresh viewpoint of life.
  • Narconon Delivers Effective Drug Education During The Holidays: This past week on Bobby Wiggins, the world renowned drug education expert, spoke on behalf of Narconon Freedom Center as a special guest at an elementary school near Marshall, Michigan.
  • Holiday Increase Feelings of Guilt For Those Addicted: They are forced to look at the damage they’ve created and as a solution they will use more and more drugs or alcohol in an effort to not have to face this. “The more the individual uses drugs, the guiltier they feel so the more they have to keep using,” explains Jeff Lukas, Executive Director of the Narconon program in Louisiana.
  • Addiction Can Be Source of Holiday Depression: Rehabs, like the Narconon program in Louisiana, work with the individual to free them of depression in order to achieve permanent sobriety from drugs and alcohol.
  • The Most Effective Solution For Alcohol Addiction: “At Narconon we see a lot of clients with alcohol problems that have tried other methods to stop drinking but until the underlying issues are really handled, things like alcohol monitoring bracelets merely act as a temporary deterrent.”

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