Narconon press releases and news report. The Narconon program helps addicts to take control of their lives and live drug-free lives. Feel free to look at these press releases and share them with your friends:

  • Utah Drug Rehab: Narconon Arrowhead wants to help Utah residents overcome this terrible drug epidemic and help make their communities safer. The staff at this drug rehab offers 24 hour care and supervision and is extremely dedicated to helping individuals achieve long lasting sobriety and becoming completely drug free.
  • A Stocked Bar For Holidays Can Be Introduction To Addiction: According to Narconon’s Kent, most parents are not aware of the fact that they may be contributing to their loved ones addiction by making alcohol too easily accessible.
  • Narconon Offers Tips For Drug Addiction During The Holidays: Narconon is offering a three-part holiday series on the cycle of addiction, barriers to recovery and solutions for those struggling with substance abuse.
  • Narconon of Georgia drug rehab support groupNarconon of Georgia Support Group Helps Drug Addicts: One group, started in South Carolina by DJ, who graduated the Narconon Drug Rehab Georgia drug program three years ago, helps friends and family by counseling them and even giving talks to school children about the dangers of drug addiction.
  • Narconon drug rehab graduate in GeorgiaNarconon Drug Rehab Graduate Spreads Holiday Joy to 1,500 Homeless:
  • Narconon Drug Rehab Helps Addicted Street Children: As a long term non traditional drug treatment center, Narconon drug rehab of Georgia was approached three years ago by this organization, looking for solutions to the growing epidemic of street orphans addicted to glue.
  • drug treatment not jailDrug Addiction Treatment More Effective Than Jail: I went through original Narconon Program 40 years ago while I was in jail, and have been clean ever since.
  • Suncoast Drug Rehabilitation Center Successfully Handling Drug Addiction During the Holidays: The center effectively treats drug addiction on an in-patient basis with the Narconon program in a highly personalized way. The Narconon program has an over 40 year history in successfully treating drug addiction.
  • Narconon Louisiana story of sobrietyGive Your Loved One the Gift of Sobriety This Holiday Season: This holiday season give the gift that will not only save an addict’s life, but your life as well – drug rehabilitation through Narconon Louisiana.
  • Narconon Freedom Center Delivers Successful Drug Rehab During Holiday Season: It is the answer to this question that sets Narconon Freedom Center apart from other drug rehab programs. Typical 12-step drug rehab programs and short term rehab have a long-term success rate of 16-20%. The Narconon program delivered at Narconon Freedom Center has a long-term success rate of over 70%.

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