Narconon report on news and press releases from around the network. Drug information such as the news on the meth addiction in Michigan (story #9). Also Narconon reporting on the Hawaii drug abuse scene that keeps on creeping up (story #1) and the continued work that Narconon of Georgia is doing putting out drug information online (covered in several stories below).

  1. Hawaii Drug Use Continues to Rise: Recent studies show drug use in Hawaii is up and the use of narcotics continues to climb. A program [Narconon Hawaii] recently brought to Hawaii is helping to tackle the problem. Drug abuse and addiction continue to grow by epidemic proportions in Hawaii. (a press release report courtesy of
  2. Employers Can Benefit from Drug-Free Work Week Pointers: If an employee is already trapped in the cycle of addiction finding a drug rehabilitation facility that will get them back to the productive, drug-free individual required for their work and to enjoy the life they so rightly deserve is of the utmost importance. “This is where Narconon Arrowhead comes in,” declared Ryan Thorpe, Director of Admissions at Narconon Arrowhead, one of the country’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers located in southeast Oklahoma. “We offer employers an alternative to simply getting rid of good staff that can be rehabilitated, and we enable good workers who have become hooked to drugs to come back to the work force, sober and industrious. At Narconon, our program constantly returns substance abuser to a healthy, productive lifestyle. Seven out of ten of our graduates are still drug-free years after they return to work.”
  3. Economic Hardships Can Increase Addiction: Yet I continued to put the drugs before finding employment, putting food on the table for my family and paying any bills. I just know I woke up every morning with all aim of getting a job and instead would find myself doing whatever it took, be it lying ,cheating or stealing from family and friends to get money so I could acquire more drugs,” said Joe Harper, graduate of the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehabilitation program.
  4. There is a Continuing Desperate Need for Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Oklahoma: Many Oklahomans believe that drug addiction is simply a way of life and you have to live with that addiction every single day for the remainder of your life. What many Oklahomans do not know s that substance abuse treatment programs, like Oklahoma’s Narconon Arrowhead, can end drug abuse and give a person their life back.
  5. Narconon of Georgia Applauds Efforts of Prescription Buy-Back Programs: Narconon of Georgia, in conjunction with local law enforcement, has spearheaded the effort in Georgia state to make people more aware of prescription drug abuse dangers and educating teens and parents alike. “The drug education we provide to schools, churches, and local support groups has shifted some-what in the past few years,” comments Gordon Weinand, Public Relations for Narconon Drug Rehab of Georgia.
  6. Narconon of Georgia Atlanta drug-free graduate with sonNarconon Georgia Graduate Celebrates Three Years Clean: She believed her son could make it if he were in a long-term drug treatment program, not available at the time, in her own state. She searched online and found what she was looking for – Narconon of Georgia, a non-traditional program which employs sauna therapy and life skills to prepare its clients for full and winning re-entry into life. “Life after Narconon is a whole lot better! In my darkest hours, I never thought I could be this happy. Now every day is a healthy bright day after Narconon for me and my family.”
  7. Addiction Treatment Reduces Crime: … This study comes after two decades of research into the effectiveness of drug rehabilitation in criminal offenders which has largely gone unheard. … The Narconon program has long asserted that successful treatment can only be accomplished through establishing comprehensive personal ethics. The treatment program delivered by Narconon of Georgia is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an alternative to incarceration, as it emphasizes on personal responsibility as the major component necessary for real recovery.
  8. Narconon Louisiana drug rehab graduate traces roots of addiction back to psychiatric medications: Once J.K. became addicted to street drugs as well as his prescriptions, his problems continued to intensify. Luckily, before he lost his life to drugs he found a rehabilitation center with a completely drug-free method called Narconon Riverbend; situated in Denham Springs, Louisiana. During his treatment he had to come to terms with his past troubles as well as the road that his psychiatric therapy led him down.
  9. Handling Meth Addiction In Michigan: Narconon Freedom Center, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Albion, Michigan, has been at the forefront of the Red Ribbon Week activities in the state. This week Narconon Freedom Center visited a neighborhood watch meeting to educate the local community about the risks of meth abuse and the manufacturing of the drug. For regular updates on the Narconon network news and activities around the world. (press release report)

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