Non-Traditional Drug Treatment

Many people who are faced with the prospect of drug rehab are not enthralled with the idea of taking one drug to get off of another. In fact, many heroin addicts who were given methadone to “cure their addiction” are now addicted to methadone. The cure was to substitute one drug for another!

At Narconon, no drugs are used to replace the drug addict’s drug of choice. The rehab philosophy Narconon uses is a holistic approach, addressing the entire person, his lifestyle, his relationships with his family and friends, and how he can successfully get off drugs and stay off them.

Many families are seeking a non-traditional program which really produces results. In particular, this may occur when the drug addict has gone from one rehab to another, never really breaking the cycle of addiction. The reason for this is that the real core issues of handling his life haven’t been addressed. Drugs were a solution for him for some area of his life he could not confront and handle. Until he makes this change, so that he has skills to confront and handle those areas, the revolving door pattern of drug rehab will continue.

What really qualifies a drug rehab programs as successful is their sobriety rate after completing the program. In most US Rehab programs there is about a 16 to 20 percent success rate. In some other countries of the world such as Russia, there is no real drug-free future envisioned. Instead, the drug addict is treated after rehab or “narcology” as they call it, by using barbiturates for the rest of his life.

A Drug-Free Life is Achievable

With a completely different philosophy that says a drug-free life is not only possible but completely achievable, the Narconon drug and alcohol treatment program helps to repair the damage done by drugs and alcohol first, and then addresses the life skills needed to handle life. In that way, the graduate has the skills needed to stay sober and live a productive, drug-free life when he returns home.

The staff at Narconon understands the pattern of addiction and that some recovering addicts are battling the urge to use drugs again and return to the addictive lifestyle.

One part of the program that helps to eliminate those urges is the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. It consists of a very specific regimen of nutrition, including good food, minerals and vitamins, and some moderate exercise along with daily time in a dry-heat sauna. The program has been proven to flush out the drug residues and toxins from the body. Once these are eliminated, those completing say that their drug cravings reduce or are gone and slow, unclear thinking goes away too. Many addicts report that following this phase of the program, they also have more energy.

This is only one of eight steps of the program, and once one has completed this step, the person at Narconon will study and learn many life skills which will help him to reverse the damage he has done during his drug addiction. He will learn to make better decisions and to start a life that is controlled by his own restored moral compass and not determined by the need to get a “fix.”

Narconon program results speak for themselves. Fully seven out of every ten persons who complete the program stay drug-free and sober at least two years after graduation. Narconon mettings are not needed either.

Call Narconon Drug Treatment Counselor

Drug addiction doesn’t have to be a revolving door of rehabs that don’t work. There is hope for a drug-free life and thousands of people have found the help needed at Narconon.

The Narconon program exists on six continents of the world. Call a counselor to learn more about Narconon and its non-traditional drug treatment program.

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