There are several choices for treating alcohol addiction. These range from taking drugs prescribed to make someone sick if they drink alcohol after the drugs, to many hundreds of meetings with support groups. There is no real proven, standardized treatment for alcoholism. Unfortunately, that means that many programs around the world have only a 16-20% success rate, and many run even lower than that.

This can be disheartening and very frustrating for both the alcoholic and his family. Many trips to rehab with the most sincere of intentions to try to get sober may not work.

So how does one evaluate what program will work for an individual? If you were to ask each rehab program what their success rate is, and how it is determined you might find out some surprising facts. One program may judge that the number of people who complete the given program is a success, even if that person begins drinking again right after the program is done. Others may claim sobriety among their completions, but have with little or no follow up to verify this sobriety over the long-term after the program has been completed. Ask how they determine their sobriety rate when interviewing any alcohol rehab program. One should determine if there is a post-treatment monitoring program in place, without which the success rate simply is not valid.

At Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world, the success rate is based on follow up interviews on all completions for two years after completing the full program. This standardized program is the same in all fifty locations around the globe, so when the Narconon program states its success rate as 70% worldwide, that is truly an average rate of success (some centers boast as high as 85%) for all Narconon completions around the world. Seven out of ten graduates really do find lasting sobriety by doing the full Narconon program without having to go to Narconon meetings.

Alcohol Addiction treatment

With some families, they have been through many different rehab programs before finding any success. When one does find a Narconon program, hope is restored since for seven of ten graduates, they return to their families to stay sober and living a drug-free productive life.

As anyone who has dealt with the problem of alcoholism knows, it can exist for quite a while before the alcoholic might seek and find treatment. It is possible that because alcohol is a legal substance (at least for those 21 years or older). But, this can be a drawback too, as the alcoholic’s family may tolerate the problem longer, and may not realize the need for alcohol addiction rehab treatment for some time.

It is stressful and difficult at times to try to help someone recover from alcohol or any addiction. There are dangers to face, including injury or overdosing, even with alcohol. The people who most need the help may be most resistant to receiving help. And when you as a loving family member reach out to try to help your loved one, your care and love may be misinterpreted as trying to interfere in the other’s life, and be resented and rejected. At this point, it may require a trained Intake Counselor to help inform the addicted person of Narconon’s unique and lasting way out of the cycle of addiction. For forty-five years in fifty locations around the world, Narconon has been helping people to get sober and drug free, even some who didn’t feel they needed to have help. But, over many years, many people have been helped and their individual situations have been resolved, much to the relief and joy of their families.

If you feel you or a loved one needs alcohol treatment, call Narconon today. You can find out all the details of the Narconon program and find the locations nearest you. Making that call can help you feel better, knowing you are doing something positive to combat the problem and help someone who needs help, even if it is you!

Call and speak to a trained Narconon alcohol treatment intake counselor.

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