While it may seem improbable that one could drink so much alcohol to actually kill oneself, it certainly can and does happen. This is not from some collateral damage of drinking such as a car accident; it is that the person can actually drink themselves to death.

This was demonstrated recently by the unfortunate deaths of both Amy Winehouse and Jani Lane (lead singer of the band Warrant), who died of alcohol poisoning the month following Amy’s death. Amy died in July of 2011 of alcohol poisoning according to a London coroner’s inquest report. They found that her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was over five times the legal limit for driving.

What occurs when one drinks a large quantity of alcohol in a short amount of time is this causes the body to suppress its respiratory functions. The BAC rises in the body so much that the person may pass out (lose consciousness). He may be breathing very slowly and the body may feel cold to the touch; his heart may start to beat irregularly as well. If one hasn’t arrived at a hospital emergency room at this stage to get sobered up quickly, there is another stage that can occur which is potentially deadly.

This second phase of alcohol poisoning is what occurs when the person has actually stopped drinking. He may be passed out and yet there is so much alcohol in his body that the bloodstream continues to absorb the alcohol that is in his stomach or intestinal tract. This can cause his BAC to rise even further than what it was when he was awake, and can make him vomit while he’s unconscious, thus making him choke on the vomit. Or if the BAC is too high he can simply cease breathing. Then he’s dead.

Alcohol Abuse Help

Fortunately, there is effective help available in the form of Narconon alcohol and drug rehabilitation. When one cannot control their drinking they do not have control over when and how much to drink. They certainly are not able to judge when to quit consuming alcohol, and since alcohol also impairs good judgment, an alcoholic or one who is drinking excessively could actually cause their own demise.

Treatment programs abound but most claim success rates at about 16 – 20 percent. The Narconon program is a comprehensive, holistic and drugless long-term residential rehab (over 90 days on average), which actually results in lasting sobriety for seven out of ten graduates. This is without having to attend Narconon meetings. There are Narconon treatment centers on six continents in 50 locations around the world which have been helping alcoholics and drug addicts to get sober and clean and stay that way for the past 45 years.

The Narconon program provides a thorough detox of the body first, and follows that up with a full training program in life skills that are needed to regain a drug-free lifestyle.

In the first phase, a person entering Narconon goes through a closely supervised withdrawal period, made more bearable by good nutrition and gentle massage-like assists to ease the pains of the body’s withdrawal.

Then one enters the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This unique program offers the correct combination of vitamins and minerals, moderate exercise and daily time spent in a dry-heat sauna. All of these are closely supervised and personally tailored so that one can actually rid the body of harmful residues (toxins) left from the drugs or alcohol he had been taking. These toxins lodge in the fatty tissue of the body, and without this unique regimen, will remain there for years where they can cause one to feel cravings from time to time for more drugs or alcohol. When they are eliminated from the body, the result is a more awake, brighter person with either far fewer or no more cravings at all.

When the physical detox is complete, one enters the second part of the Narconon program. In this part, one learns essential life skills and makes a plan for a drug-free and alcohol-free future. When one is certain he can maintain his sobriety despite the hurdles that life puts in one’s path, he graduates the program.
Drinking while you are pregnant is unsafe for you and your baby. Please call and find out how Narconon drug and alcohol rehab can help.

If you know someone who needs help with alcohol abuse, please call a Narconon qualified drug rehab intake counselor today.





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