Many families have learned the frustration of trying to help an alcoholic family member when they did their best and then failed. This failure is usually due to the fact that the alcoholic rarely will admit to having an alcohol problem. That is one of the parts of alcoholism typical of this addiction – one that makes it very hard to get the alcoholic to face up to his drinking problem and stop drinking.

When he does finally make that painful decision, he will be likely to need help to find effective rehab and treatment. This is the time for the family to help. They will find there are many different treatment options, some far more effective than others.

Narconon has been providing effective drug and alcohol treatment for more than 45 years in fifty locations around the world. The success rate of sobriety for its graduates completing the program is 70%, far higher than most programs. The length of treatment of three to six months for alcohol recovery may be longer than what is offered in some programs, but this is in accordance with many official recommendations, including that of the National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA). Their guidelines state that participation for less than 90 days is limited in its effectiveness, and programs that last significantly longer are recommended to maintain a positive outcome.

The treatment program one should look for then, should be a long-term program. Some programs also offer drugs to help the alcoholic stop drinking, or other drugs that may usually be prescribed for mental disorders. Once they get sober, many alcoholics may not have any other mental problems than their addiction to alcohol, and besides that, these prescribed drugs are often addictive too.

Help for Alcohol Addiction

Narconon operates on the philosophy that solving one addiction with addiction to another drug is not desirable as a treatment modality. In fact drug-less treatment and a full recovery is totally possible at Narconon, and is accomplished daily.

There is hope at Narconon for a full and lasting return to sobriety. Most recovering alcoholics who see that there is a real possibility of full recovery will not relapse and continue drinking. And most, after completing the program, do not show other symptoms needing any medications.

Another problem experienced by some treatment programs is that of treatment dropout. They recommend motivational techniques to keep patients involved throughout their treatment.

This is exactly what occurs at Narconon. Each individual is intimately involved from day one of the program. He starts with a surprisingly tolerable, comprehensive withdrawal step, followed by a deep detox on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. In both of these steps of the program, the physical addiction is addressed, and the recovering alcoholic gradually comes out of the fog of his addiction, assisted by trained staff.

The Narconon drug rehab program also addresses the need for the recovering alcoholic to be able to chart his course to a drug and alcohol-free life with training on several life skills courses. These teach him the tools he will need to maintain a sober lifestyle which include personal integrity, communication and many other skills. After completing all eight phases of the full Narconon program, the person has regained his self-respect, and gained the confidence that he can now live his life without resorting to alcohol or other drugs as an escape.

He only graduates the program when he has completed a plan to live a productive, drug-free life, and he is in no doubt that he can do so.

You may read stories of some people who have experienced the Narconon program at Narconon reviews. There is hope for a full recovery from alcoholism with the Narconon program.


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