Teen Drug Abuse

A recent study found that over one million persons aged 12 or 13 reported some illicit drug use in his or her young lifetime. The types of drugs vary from marijuana or hashish (which 230,000 reported using in their lifetime) to the ever more pervasive non-medical use of prescription drugs such as pain relievers like oxycodone (358,000) to methamphetamines and sedatives. Alcohol isn’t mentioned in this study, but other studies show that 14.7 percent of our youth, age 12 to 17 are using alcohol.

These drug trends spell out a pretty dismal picture of how the next generation is doing in terms of staying straight and sober. In fact, what these facts show is that our youth are the front line casualties of the war on drugs, which we are clearly losing. As of 2009 and 2010 data shows that more high school seniors are smoking marijuana than are smoking cigarettes. Even among junior high students, the use of marijuana, heroin, Ecstasy and OxyContin are rising steadily despite the war that is being fought to control this.

If one looks at how a whole family is affected when one of its members goes down the dangerous road to drug abuse, the true impact of this drug war are much broader than one would at first think.

There are some drug education programs, such as those offered by Narconon, an international non-profit drug rehabilitation and eduction organization to help raise drug awareness. In fact, Narconon in schools around the country have affected many students’ lives, helping them to make the decision to stay drug free. Narconon has materials available too, to help anyone understand what drugs do to a person and how one can be affected by drugs, and specifically to help parents talk to their children about the truth about what drugs do.

However, despite our best efforts, many of our children do go down the road of drug abuse. Each family who has had a family member hooked on drugs had the harsh reality brought home to them that it is a fight that is not easily won. An addict has a very convincing way of manipulating his friends and family into doing what he wants. All of his efforts are really just aimed at being sure he can get more of the drug he feels he needs.

Kid Drug Education

If you are faced with the struggles a family goes through when one of your own is a victim of drug abuse, Narconon offers the most effective drug rehab solutions. The program, founded by William Benitez over 45 years ago in an Arizona State Prison, is based on the principles developed by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

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