reviewNarconon’s flagship drug and alcohol rehabilitation headquarters, the Arrowhead center in Oklahoma, has now launched an online reviews site. Online reviews are a key way for consumers and the public to find out about an organization, so this is an important step for the center to take. When more addicts can hear about the successes of Narconon Arrowhead’s graduates, more can get themselves recovering!

The Importance of Reviews

It used to be that trying to find out a business or organization (such as a rehab center) meant that all you could do was look it up in the phone book. With the advent of the Internet, sites like Yelp have popped up that allow you to find customer reviews on nearly everything in society.

Because of this heightened interconnectivity, potential customers and users of your product (which is, in this case, effective drug rehabilitation) put a lot of stock in the experiences of other users and customers.

Not taking advantage of this method of communicating to the public is missing out. An organization’s message to its public can literally rest on whether or not the word of mouth within that public is positive or not. The most important thing , then, is to first have a superlative service or product, and then to make sure that your public is able to share their experiences with others.

What Narconon Does

Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are non-profit organizations that seek to help drug addicts put their lives back together. The first step is a revolutionary drug detox program that utilizes a dry-heat sauna to help addicts sweat drug residues out of their bodies. After completing this phase of the program, addicts then learn a full battery of life skills.

By learning skills such as how to communicate effectively and how to spot the people in your life that want to harm you, recovering addicts can get a leg up on the factors that might drive them back to drug abuse again. Many graduates point to these life skills courses as the main reason they are still clean today.

Despite the fact that these gains are miraculous, Narconon can’t help addicts attain them if addicts never hear about the organization. To help get the word out about the live-saving programs that Narconon Arrowhead delivers, the center has now published a site called Narconon Arrrowhead At this site, graduates of the program are able to share their stories with others.

One Example of a Successful Graduate

For example, one recent graduate had a seemingly great life as a Southwest Airlines flight attendant, but not everything was actually as peachy as it seemed. Valerie Hartman’s life was spiraling down into addiction when her manager spotted that something was wrong. She tried three different rehab programs without success, but she still wanted to get sober.

She found Narconon Arrowhead through a friend and quickly enrolled. Instead of just having her do a detox program, Narconon Arrowhead helped Valerie move through an entire curriculum designed to help her learn the basic life skills needed to stay clean and drug-free. Valerie credits this curriculum with helping her successfully stay away from drugs.

By publishing this story on the reviews site, Narconon Arrowhead can help other addicts see that successful rehabilitation is possible. All they have to do is read these real-life testimonials and then come in to find out more for themselves. If you’re interested in effective and safe drug and alcohol rehabilitation, take a look at the Narconon Arrowhead Reviews site today.

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