recoverySeptember is National Recovery Month, and the team at the Narconon New Life Retreat are doing their part to celebrate the event. National Recovery Month is sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and 2013 marks its 24th year. The theme of this year’s National Recovery Month is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together on Pathways to Wellness,” and organizations around the United States are holding events and putting on activities that have the goal of promoting the fact that their is life after drug and alcohol addiction. All too many people who are struggling with addiction, including the addict and his or her friends and family, tend to adopt a mindset that focuses on the addiction and the battle to recover, and they do not place enough attention on the future and what will come after recovery. Devoting more thought to life after recovery and developing positive goals for the future helps to give an addict hope and motivation to support him or her during rehab. All of this fits right in with the principles of the Narconon program, so the staff and students at the New Life Retreat were eager to join in and support the SAMHSA activities with events at the local center.

The Narconon New Life Retreat is located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, a small town of about 10,000 people located a short drive to the east of Baton Rouge. The center serves the state of Louisiana and the entire South, and they are recognized as being among the leaders in the field of addiction treatment throughout the region. In observance of National Recovery Month, they have been hosting a series of open mic nights which are organized around themes of promoting creativity and life skills. In this way, they are helping to foster in the students a sense of optimism that there is life after addiction and that they have a fresh and promising future ahead of them. It is all too easy for a person who has lived as an addict to feel that drugs or alcohol have caused irreparable damage in their lives, but events such as the National Recovery Month activities serve to turn this viewpoint around.

National Recovery Month Open Mic Night at Narconon Louisiana

For the open mic nights at the Narconon New Life Retreat, students have been invited up on stage to perform, either singly or in groups. In this way, the students have been encouraged to think about the subject of recovery and how the life skills they have learned on the program can help them in their lives following rehab. The audience for the performances consists of the staff and the current students who are working their way through the program at the facility. One of the highlights of the series was a performance by one of the students who performed, with the accompaniment of fellow students, songs that he had personally composed. You can listen to them here.

Not all of the performances, however, were from students. Tom Steiner, a co-founder of the Narconon New Life Retreat, was one of the favorite performers, coming on stage with songs about recovery and life after addiction. The events that Mr. Steiner and his colleagues have helped to put on for the SAMHSA recovery month have been a considerable success for the students as well as the staff, people whose work every day is devoted to the purpose of helping addicts to achieve the promise of recovery. “My wife Cathy, Executive Director of the center, and I have devoted our lives to helping people recover from their addiction and go on to live happy productive lives,” said Mr. Steiner. “It is extremely rewarding work.”

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