guy sitting in grassAs we approach the end of the school year and high school juniors and seniors get ready for their prom, not all of them are as excited or have as much to look forward to as their classmates. For all too many high school students, prom season is just another painful reminder of what they don’t have. While their peers are out shopping for dresses, many young women are forced to make difficult choices about what they can and cannot afford, and many end up deciding that they can’t afford to take part in the special night for the simple reason that they don’t have the money to buy a gown. Just like Cinderella, they are left wishing that they could attend the ball with their Prince Charming, but instead find themselves left at home. Fortunately, and also just like Cinderella, some of these girls get a chance to have their prom dreams come true after all. This is the case in Louisiana, where The Cinderella Project offers an opportunity to go to the prom wearing a beautiful gown thanks to donations from the community and to the hard work of volunteers. A team from the Narconon New Life Retreat center in Denham Springs recently spent a day volunteering with this organization, and they were pleased to contribute their efforts to support the cause.

The Cinderella Project is about far more than simply donating dresses to girls who want to go to the prom. Its overarching mission is to help young women throughout the state of Louisiana to build a solid foundation for their future success through activities that empower them and give them the wisdom and confidence to make the right choices about their lives. The world has plenty of challenges to present to young women trying to make it on their own, and things are that much harder when she is coming from economically disadvantaged circumstances and is essentially trying to build up from scratch. Too often, young women end up in abusive relationships and/or begin drinking heavily or using drugs, making it even harder for them to succeed in life. This is why The Cinderella Project pursues its mission of helping young women to get the education and support that they need to make it in life. For the past several years, the Narconon New Life Retreat has been a proud supporter of The Cinderella Project, in large part because it is a program that can help to keep women from ending up in the kind of situations that lead them to need drug rehab services. The team at Narconon Louisiana know just what a heavy toll drugs can take on a person’s life, and they are eager to help protect women from this suffering.

Narconon Louisiana Helps Local Girls with Prom

As part of the rush to get ready for prom season, volunteers from the Narconon New Life Retreat recently spent several hours with The Cinderella Project, helping them to prepare dresses for the girls who will need them. In speaking about the reasons for supporting The Cinderella Project, Narconon New Life Retreat Facility Administrator Kelley Keeney had this to say:

In our experience, young women who develop self-esteem and are encouraged to make healthy decisions, have significantly fewer problems with drug addiction. Assisting The Cinderella Project to fulfill those goals in our local area, makes complete sense for our treatment program.

The team at Narconon in Louisiana and elsewhere around the country work to salvage lives ruined by drug addiction, but they also take action to prevent drug use and addiction from occurring in the first place. The girls who receive dresses through The Cinderella Project this year will be getting their chance to go to the prom, but they’ll also be getting something else thanks to the support and guidance they receive: a major boost in the right direction as they prepare to build their lives on their own.

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