girlEight years ago, in Denham Springs, Louisiana, Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat opened its doors as a licensed 16-bed drug treatment in the turbulent times following Hurricane Katrina’s assault on Louisiana and the south.  In the years since, it has expanded into a facility which services on the average, 55 clients each week.  On its 8th anniversary, the long-term residential drug rehab facility which delivers the drug-free Narconon program proudly graduated it 640th program completion.

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat

It was shortly after the wrath of Hurricane Katrina made it necessary for many thousands of south Louisiana residents to relocate elsewhere that is became quickly apparent that thousands of substance abusers were consequently left with little option of recovery.

It was 2006, and Dr. Rohit Adi, Medical Director of Narconon New Life Retreat and a Founding Member, noted that in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina it became quickly apparent there was  a shortage of options for individuals suffering from substance abuse.  As a result of living through Hurricane Katrina and observing the resultant need for help, the seeds from which Narconon Louisiana would grow, were planted.

Dr. Rohit shares that he is truly thankful that Narconon Louisiana has been able to provide real assistance to those struggling with substance abuse, enabling them to go on to live happy and productive lives.  He says that when he hears a Narconon client share the story of their journey towards a sober and productive life, he knows that he is “making a difference, one addict at a time.”

Making a Difference

Since its inception 8 years ago, Narconon New Life Retreat had delivered its drug rehab services to individuals from places as far-flung as Hawaii and Alaska, and as close to home as Denham Springs itself.

No matter where the person wanting to overcome their substance abuse is from, the rehab facility delivers to each individual its non-traditional and highly successful treatment program with a majority of those completing and graduating the program going on to live a drug-free, happy and healthy life.

The 8th anniversary of Narconon Louisiana is marked by its 640th graduate, TS, who came to the center from Michigan. TS shares that he has done a lot of programs in his life, but it was the Narconon program that got him “back to the top.”

Recently, in his speech at graduation, TS told the attendees that getting through the Narconon program “took some work”, but in the end, “it all paid off.”  He added that he got his dream job—being a Chef; that it would not have been possible for him to do that without the Narconon program.  He added that everything he learned on the program gave him “the tools to be truly happy in life.”

One Addict at a Time

A graduate from years past, CM, reminisced that drugs were far away from him now, and he no longer has any part of that life he lived when using drugs.  In the almost four years since completing the Narconon program, CM remains clean, has his family and his kids, and is productive.  CM says, “I have my life back.”

The doors of Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat are open for those needing help overcoming substance abuse.  Through their dedication to eliminating drug and alcohol addiction through effective drug prevention education that helps others understand the truth about drugs, and through their effective drug rehabilitation treatment program, they are helping to make a drug-free world, one addict a time.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse and you would like more information on what you can do, please call us toll-free at 877-340-3602. We are here to help.


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