person“The welcome we receive from youth and community members is proof that our drug prevention outreach is vitally important,” says Narconon International President Clark Carr, speaking about the organization’s activities for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October and throughout the year. “Helping young people grow up sober and successful is one of our biggest motivations across our network of rehabilitation and prevention centers.” October may have been the time for the national Prevention Month, but Narconon does not wait for that month to engage in programs aimed at reducing the rates of substance abuse and addiction through effective prevention measures. Indeed, prevention is a goal for Narconon throughout the year, as they work to educate the public about the dangers of drugs and alcohol with the efforts of staff and volunteers around the nation and indeed worldwide.

During October, however, Narconon steps up their efforts at prevention, helping to spread the message of National Substance Abuse Prevention Month and to reach as many people as possible with the important messages tied into this event.

Narconon’s Efforts During Red Ribbon Week

We can see examples of Narconon’s efforts at preventing drug use by looking at what was done by two centers this October. One was the Narconon New Life Retreat in Louisiana, which ran a booth at the local county fair where they passed out educational materials and invited children and teenagers to sign a drug-free pledge. Another was Narconon Fresh Start, an organization with several Narconon centers in locations ranging from Southern California to Colorado, which sent drug prevention specialists out to provide educational lectures to students throughout the region. “The welcome our drug prevention specialists received was enthusiastic in both these locations,” said Carr. “Many people realize how serious the drug problem is and appreciate our efforts to get young people to commit to a drug-free life.”

Indeed, Narconon has earned a considerable amount of good will over the years from people and organizations which have recognized their efforts at keeping young people off drugs. They have become a regular site at community events where there is an opportunity to reach out to large numbers of people and make an impact with the message of prevention and sobriety.

Narconon Centers Do Public Outreach for Prevention

At the Livingston Parish Fair, the Narconon New Life Retreat team passed out several hundred copies of anti-drug educational literature including booklets and DVDs which can be used to teach individuals and groups alike about the dangers of using drugs. They also got around 300 children and teenagers to sign the Narconon drug-free pledge, which calls on a young person to not only avoid drugs but also to play an active role in prevention by teaching his or her friends about why they should say no to drugs and by setting an example of a drug-free life. “At the street fair,” Carr said, “our staff were visited by political candidates, a local pastor and the leader of a youth group.” In California, where Narconon Fresh Start was delivering drug education talks, they were on pace to reach 10,000 young people by the end of Prevention Month. This figure is impressive enough in its own right, but even more so in light of the statistics of how effective these talks are. Tony Bylsma, the director of drug education for Narconon Fresh Start, tells us that “We tabulate the results of every feedback survey we receive. Eighty percent of our students say they have learned new information about drugs and about half say that this information changed the way they think about drug use. Nearly all of them feel they can put this information to good use, either for themselves or their friends.” In both locations, Narconon staff made a very real impact in the fight to prevent drug use, reaching thousands of people with the vital message that drugs are not safe and should be avoided at all costs.

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