cocaineNewsChannel KFOR in Oklahoma City reported on January 20th on a case in which millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine was seized from a vehicle traveling from Arizona towards Oklahoma City. The bust resulted in the capture of nearly 80 pounds of the drug, a massive quantity of a drug which is routinely sold in amounts weighing no more than a few grams. It is being billed by law enforcement in Canadian County, where the incident took place, as possibly the single largest cocaine bust in the history of the Oklahoma City metro area, a region with a population of around 1.3 million. All of the cocaine was packed into several dozen bundles wrapped in brown paper and sealed in plastic, and the drugs were being smuggled in a hidden compartment which law enforcement discovered beneath the seat of an automobile which was being transported on a car hauler. In a surprising turn of events, the driver was not suspected of any type of criminal activity or even knowledge of what he was carrying on his load. The drugs had evidently been hidden in the compartment of one of the vehicles prior to loading it on the trailer of the truck, and as far as the driver knew he was simply transporting a routine cargo of vehicles.

All told, the 35 bundles of cocaine seized in the stop on I-40 are estimated to have a value of between $4 and $5 million, a truly massive shipment which in all likelihood represents only a portion of the total volume of drugs being trafficked into Oklahoma City throughout the year. Furthermore, the fact that drug cartels were willing to run the risk of sending up to $5 million worth of cocaine to a single city in a single shipment indicates that they have knowledge of a thriving market there, and that the promise of profits outweighs the potential risks. From this, we can deduce that the drug cartels must view Oklahoma City as an ideal destination for their goods, and that a large percentage of the population must be using drugs in that city. Indeed, a cursory examination of headlines for Oklahoma City news recently finds other stories such as a report on the increase in heroin overdose deaths and the disturbing trend of increasing numbers of newborns testing positive for drugs including painkillers and opiates. Clearly, Oklahoma City has problems with drug abuse and addiction. Narconon is taking responsibility for helping to put an end to these problems, raising a red flag to warn about the situation and urge action.

Narconon Sounds the Warning Bell About Drugs in Oklahoma

Narconon has close ties to Oklahoma, given that the flagship drug rehab center in the international Narconon network is located in the town of Canadian on the shores of Lake Eufaula, only a short drive from both Oklahoma City and Tulsa. The organization has invested enormous amounts of time and effort into helping to curb the rates of substance abuse and addiction, both locally in the area of the Narconon Arrowhead center and statewide. They have a sincere interest in contributing to a drug-free future for the Sooner State, and hope to see Oklahoma City and the rest of the region liberated from the scourge of drugs and the related criminal activity that attends the operations of traffickers and street gangs involved in the drug trade. It is the hope of the team at Narconon that by assisting in pointing out the recent news about cocaine trafficking in Oklahoma, and the implications that this news carries for the people of the region about just how much demand for drugs there must be there, they will be able to make more people aware of how bad things have gotten and of how urgent it is now to take action.

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