the unMarch 20th was declared The International Day of Happiness by a resolution of the United Nations, and Narconon supported an effort to help promote the message of the event throughout the world. The Day of Happiness Project was launched to line up with the UN’s International Day of Happiness, as a way to contribute to the momentum of the global event and to spread solutions for living a happier life to as many people as possible. Central to this campaign has been the widespread distribution of copies of The Way to Happiness, a small booklet which has been certified as the Guinness Book of World Records most translated book on Earth, with editions in 111 languages. More than 100 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed over the years, and they have spread throughout 205 nations and territories. It is a common-sense, non-religious moral code which can be followed with success by people from all walks of life and all backgrounds, and it has been demonstrated time and again to have a calming influence on the areas where it is distributed.

Narconon centers around the world came out in support of the Day of Happiness Project, because The Way to Happiness plays a key role in the drug rehabilitation program. As a person makes progress through Narconon, he or she completes a series of life-skills courses. Each course is focused on a specific area of knowledge that can be of assistance in helping a person to live a happier and more successful life, and one of these is built around a study of The Way to Happiness. The book features 21 moral precepts which, when followed, make it far easier to achieve and enjoy happiness and which, when violated, tend to lead to upset, failure and misery. Using The Way to Happiness as a guide for making decisions about how to live one’s life is a simple way to improve every aspect of everyday living, and it has a positive effect on the larger social sphere as well. It has been demonstrated time and again that when copies of The Way to Happiness are passed out on a large scale in communities where problems such as crime, drug use, civil unrest and more are running rampant, things settle down and everyone in the area seems to start getting along better. It’s not a matter of having every single person study the booklet — getting even a few to read and understand the commonsense advice it offers has a calming effect on the community.

Narconon’s Mission of Prevention

Promoting The Way to Happiness on the UN’s International Day of Happiness is a great way to actively seek changes that will make a difference throughout the world. Too many events such as this one go unnoticed beyond a broad announcement that most people will see only in passing. Spreading The Way to Happiness can bring about real change in society, and make the International Day of Happiness an event which has an impact on the world. Narconon eagerly supports the Day of Happiness Project, as it lines up with the group’s own goal of wiping out substance abuse and addiction not only through treatment but also through prevention. It is far easier to prevent drug addiction than it is to treat it, and prevention allows one to avoid all the costs — emotional, physical and financial — that are associated with a life of drug or alcohol abuse. Not only does The Way to Happiness work well as an effective tool for helping addicts recover in the Narconon program, but it can also be a powerful tool for prevention. In communities where the booklet has been distributed, more people will be leading moral and productive lives, and there will be less of the conflict, strife and struggle that drive so many to drink or use drugs. There are many reasons to support The International Day of Happiness, and helping to reduce the rates of addiction is one of the best.

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