anniversaryIt was in early 1966 that the Narconon program was originally conceived by founder William Benitez. He was behind bars, serving a prison sentence in Arizona after ending up in trouble with the law yet again as a result of his addiction to heroin. William had spent most of his adult life in the criminal justice system, and he could trace his troubles with the law back to the fact that during this entire time he had been a drug addict.  Drugs had ruined William’s life, but one day while he sat in his prison cell, an idea came to him that served as the foundation for what was to become one of the world’s most widespread and most successful drug rehab programs. The idea was to solve drug addiction without the use of other drugs in the treatment process, thus the name “Narconon.” He found the tools that he needed to achieve this goal in a book he read in the prison library, The Fundamentals of Thought by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. Benitez applied what he learned in Hubbard’s book to his own life, and shortly thereafter he knew that he had discovered the solution for freeing himself — or anyone else — from the trap of addiction.

Over the ensuing years, Narconon grew from its initial inception as a program that Benitez personally ran with other inmates within the walls of the prison in Arizona, to the point where it is now being delivered in dozens of in-patient rehab centers in nations around the globe. Furthermore, Narconon has grown beyond its initial purpose as an addiction treatment program, to being one of the most powerful forces for change in the field of drug use prevention education. Individuals, community groups and organizations around the world work to spread the effective education solutions that Narconon provides to raise public awareness about the dangers involved in drug use and to help young people make the right decision about avoiding drug use and addiction. Throughout the world, Narconon is working to save lives ruined by drug and alcohol addiction, and to keep people safe from substance abuse in the first place, and they have done so for countless thousands of people over the course of nearly half a century.

Narconon International President Comments on 50 Years of Success

“We could not be more proud of the thousands of staff and volunteers that have made Narconon such a success over the past five decades,” says Narconon International president Clark Carr. He has been at the helm of Narconon’s worldwide activities for years, helping to oversee and coordinate the expansion and quality of the delivery of the Narconon program, as well as helping to spearhead Narconon’s efforts at making their educational programs more widely available. “As we enter our 50th year, we are as dedicated as ever to achieving our goal – a world free from the destruction of drug abuse and addiction.”Carr goes on to praise the work of the men and women who staff the Narconon centers around the world, saying that although it is one of the most difficult jobs out there, it is also one of the most rewarding, “worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears invested.” Now, Narconon heads into the future and years more of fighting the fight against drug and alcohol addiction, and it can be hoped that the next 50 years will see major reductions in the rates of people abusing drugs and alcohol. Every day, Narconon makes progress in this direction, changing lives and making miracles happen for people from all walks of life.

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