graduateOn March 20th, 2015, the brand new Narconon Turkey held a special ceremony to celebrate their very first rehabilitation program graduates.  Standing before the Turkish flag, these graduates were given the opportunity to speak one at a time to an audience of family members, fellow Narconon students and their families, neighbors and city officials.  Having worked hard to achieve their freedom from drugs, they were able to take the time and explain what their journey to recovery had meant to them with the help of the Narconon program, and what hopes they hold for their future.  The Vice-Mayor of Ankara was at hand to present each graduate with their certificate of program completion, before the graduates returned to the open arms of their grateful family members.

How Narconon Turkey Can Help With the Problems of Drug Abuse and Addiction

The problems of drug abuse and addiction affect individuals in every country in the world, and have for many centuries.  While eradicating all traces of possible drug substances is a bit far-fetched, there is no doubt that something must be done to reverse this terrible trend.
Drug prevention education can help markedly, but for those who have already fallen into drug use they need effective rehabilitation treatment.

The entire goal of rehabilitation treatment is to restore an individual to the ability to live a healthy, happy future without drugs.  It does this by addressing each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of drug use.  But what happens when such treatment isn’t available?

According to the European Center for Monitoring Drugs and Drug Addiction, the vast majority of individuals who are seeking treatment for their drug abuse and addiction problems in Turkey arrive at government sponsored facilities looking for help.  About seventy-five percent of these individuals are suffering from opiate abuse and addiction, while about seventeen percent of these individuals are suffering from cannabis abuse and addiction.  The problem is, there is often just not enough room to treat everyone who needs help.  There are only about twenty-five government sponsored rehabilitation treatment facilities in the country, serving a total population of right around seventy-four million people.  That works out to about one treatment facility for every three million citizens.

Dila Tezemir and Ismail Karakas decided to take on the challenge of creating a rehabilitation treatment facility that would not only serve to help more individuals get the help they so desperately need, but also inform others in the truth about drugs, so perhaps they could abstain from drug use or at the very least stop it before it progressed into full addiction.  With this in mind, they set about establishing the first Narconon Center in Turkey.

Narconon is unique from many other rehabilitation treatment facilities in that it is an entirely holistic program, assisting individuals in their recovery through natural means and without any sort of substitute medications.  The Narconon program also provides individuals with the information and tools they need to take back control of their own lives, and create the stable foundation necessary for a better future. Individuals graduating from the Narconon program are routinely very confident in their ability to live a healthy, happy future that is entirely free from drug substances.

The president of Narconon International, Clark Carr, acknowledges that it takes great persistence and courage to establish a rehabilitation treatment center, but that it is very much needed and benefited from.  The students, their families and indeed the entire nation at large all benefit from the establishment of Narconon Turkey, where every single day more lives are salvaged from addiction and more families are very happily reunited with their recovered loved one.

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