peopleDrug abuse and addiction problems affect individuals in every country in the world, individuals who need professional rehabilitation treatment in order to take back control of their life and establish the strong foundation necessary for a healthier and happier future.  Ideally, effective rehabilitation treatment will help the individual address and resolve each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug abuse and addiction problems so that they are able to break with their past and focus on their future.  However, rehabilitation treatment programs of this nature are sometimes quite difficult to come by.

Rehabilitation Treatment in Turkey

The European Center for Monitoring Drugs and Drug Addiction has reported that the vast majority of individuals who are seeking treatment from drug abuse and addiction problems in Turkey are going to government sponsored facilities for their treatment.  Roughly seventy-five percent of these individuals are seeking treatment for opiate abuse and addiction problems, while another seventeen percent are seeking treatment for cannabis abuse and addiction problems.  However, the sad truth is that there are only twenty-five of these government rehabilitation treatment facilities throughout the country, serving a population of roughly seventy-four million people.  This means that there is only one treatment facility for every three million citizens, clearly not nearly enough.  Dila Tezemir and Ismail Karakas saw in this crushing need a big opportunity – an opportunity not only to open a new rehabilitation treatment center, but to open a rehabilitation treatment center that has incredible success rates.

What makes Narconon unique is its approach to handling drug abuse and addiction problems.  There are no substitute medications of any sort given during the program, and individuals are encouraged to take control of their own life and their own future through a series of powerful steps.  Narconon students participate in a thorough sauna detoxification program to help rid their body of the residual drug toxins that keep them trapped in drug use and threaten their future sobriety.  They then move on to life skills training courses, which help to empower students by giving them the skills and abilities they need to operate well in their lives, no matter how challenging or difficult they may sometimes become.

Narconon Turkey also provides valuable drug prevention education, helping others to better understand what these dangerous substances are and how they can affect the individual.  Narconon truly believes that an individual is rehabilitated when they are fully recovered – not when a certain period of time has gone by.  It is this dedication to helping others achieve lasting sobriety that makes Narconon Turkey a welcome addition to the rehabilitation treatment options in the country.

Celebrating New Beginnings

On March 20th, 2015, Narconon Turkey celebrated new beginnings with their inaugural graduation ceremony.  Narconon students and their families as well as neighbors and city officials joined together to congratulate the first students to complete their Narconon programs and return to the open arms of their grateful families.  Each student had a chance to stand before the audience and explain what their journey to recovery meant to them, and how they feel their lives have changed as a result of the Narconon program.  The Vice-Mayor of Ankara proudly presented the certificates of program completion to each graduate, as all stood before a huge Turkish flag that was suspended from the second floor of the facility.

Clark Carr, president of Narconon International, congratulated Tezemir and Karakas for their persistence and courage in establishing the first Narconon center in Turkey.  Now, individuals and their families are already benefiting from their hard work by salvaging their lives from addiction and reuniting with their families.  As Carr says so succinctly, “Everybody wins.”

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