healthyIt can be difficult, in an age of fast technology, for individuals to stay on-track for healthy living.  Not only can diet and exercise be an issue, but an overwhelming and ever-increasing supply of dangerous drug substances constantly threaten the general good-health of our society.  Sadly, many individuals simply are not aware of the various strategies that can be employed to ensure healthy living, or of the different services that may be provided in order to aid them in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

About the Healthy Living Expo

The 2015 Healthy Living Expo will be held on the Courthouse lawn in Stigler, Oklahoma on May 29th, and it is an opportunity for various vendors to highlight the many benefits of healthy living, as well as the various services they provide to help encourage a healthy lifestyle. Held from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., the event is geared toward providing the public with educational information, screenings and healthy living activities that will appeal to all different members of the community.

The Healthy Living Expo is held every May and is a family-friendly, tobacco free event.  In order to encourage widespread participation, booth space at the event is provided free-of-charge, and all vendors are encouraged to provide door prizes.  A variety of different healthy food preparation demonstrations will be presented during the event, and winning entries for the poster and recipe contests will also be on display.  Oklahoma Kids will perform between 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m., and Neighbors Building Neighborhoods will be organizing a prescription drug “take-back” program to allow area residents to safely dispose of any unused, outdated or unwanted prescription drugs.  There will also be a booth decorating contest, with prizes to be awarded to the most creatively decorated booths.

Narconon Arrowhead will be attending the 2015 Healthy Living Expo, with the intention of spreading the true facts about drug substances and their effect on the human body and mind.  Narconon has found in many cases that individuals who actually understand what drug substances are, how they affect the individual and the phases of drug use from casual drug use into full-blown drug abuse and addiction problems, are much better able to make the healthy choice and remain drug-free.  When considering the goal of healthy living, Narconon understands the vital importance in abstaining from the use of drug substances that not only fail to help the individual resolve their life problems and challenges but can actually serve to exacerbate them.

About Narconon

Narconon Arrowhead is a holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment facility located in southeastern Oklahoma.  The Narconon program is unique in that it seeks to empower each individual to take back control over their own life, and address and resolve all of the physical, mental and emotional causes and effects of their drug use.  It is through the powerful Narconon life skills courses that the individual acquires the various skills necessary to lead a healthy, happy and productive future that is free from drugs.

In addition to their highly effective rehabilitation treatment program, Narconon is also deeply involved in preventative efforts.  They provide their own drug prevention education lectures to help individuals learn the truth about drug substances and their effects, so that individuals are well-enough informed about these substances to make the wise choice and abstain from drug use.  Narconon also routinely participates in and supports community efforts directed at healthy living and abstinence from drug use.  The 2015 Healthy Living Expo in Stigler, Oklahoma, is a perfect opportunity for Narconon to help spread the word about the benefits of remaining drug-free and living healthy, happy and productive lives.

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