no more wineAlcohol is rarely viewed as a dangerous drug substance, or even as any sort of drug substance at all.  It is a legal and socially acceptable substance that many individuals see no harm in imbibing on occasion.  In actual fact, however, even casual alcohol consumption can create unwanted effects in the individual, and can lead to alcohol abuse and addiction problems.

Alcohol Awareness Month was first established by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) in April 1987.  The purpose of Alcohol Awareness Month is to raise public awareness about the dangers of alcohol, as well as the methods for the successful prevention and treatment of alcoholism.  It has been proven that those individuals who truly understand the nature of alcohol and its damaging effects are better able to make the wise choice and abstain from alcohol use, or even reach out to help others get the treatment they need to overcome their problems with alcohol abuse or addiction.

Narconon New Life Drug Education

Narconon New Life is a holistic alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment facility located in Louisiana.  In addition to providing a highly effective rehabilitation treatment program, Narconon is dedicated to community, state and national efforts that are aimed at preventing alcohol and drug abuse and addiction from occurring.  It is for this reason that they provide drug education materials and lectures to help raise public awareness of the truth about alcohol and drugs.

During Alcohol Awareness Month 2015, Narconon staff members have been distributing drug education materials and lectures to college campuses and schools in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  They have also sponsored a display in the local library that discusses the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.  A team of Narconon drug educators spoke directly with the students at the LSU campus in Baton Rouge, discussing the dangers of drinking.  Many of these students subsequently picked up pamphlets regarding alcohol and drug use, some of them indicating that they had a friend or roommate who they felt would benefit from this information.  Narconon drug educators also spoke directly with approximately one hundred elementary school children in the New Orleans area, as well as with many individuals in homeless shelters and foster care homes across Baton Rouge.  These lectures are not designed to scare or threaten individuals, but rather provide them with accurate information about alcohol and other drugs in an interactive setting.  This allows individuals to accept the information they are being given and think with it, as opposed to resisting it because they feel they are being punished.  Narconon recognizes that this approach to drug education and prevention is very effective in helping younger individuals understand the true nature of alcohol and drugs and make wise choices not only regarding their own alcohol or drug use, but also regarding the alcohol and drug use they see occurring in friends around them.

Narconon New Life Drug Education Director Bryan Wesson admits that he learns new things every day from the individuals he speaks with.  He has come to realize that helping individuals, including young children, recognize the truth about alcohol and drugs and the fact that they can actually speak up when they see alcohol or drug abuse occurring is what is going to have the greatest impact on the problems of drug abuse and addiction that currently plague our nation.

Building New Lives

Narconon New Life recognizes that there are many different approaches to drug education, prevention and treatment, but that all efforts in this direction are highly valuable and important.  They hope that in partnering with and supporting schools and other organizations in the community to spread the truth about alcohol and drug abuse, public awareness of these problems will continue to rise, and more individuals will get the help they need to establish a healthy, happy and sober life.

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