healthEstablished in 2001, the McIntosh County Coalition for a Healthy Community, or McCoCo, has worked hard to bring many resources into their local communities to help improve the overall health and well-being of the residents in these communities.  Some of these resources include the Drug Free Communities Grant, OCCY Grants, Systems of Care, Tobacco Control Grant, alternative activities for youth and the community so they remain drug-free, the county resource directory, the annual Resource Luncheon and many others.  The issues that face and trouble community youth are a high priority of the group, and McCoCo has long worked very hard to ensure that the youth of the community always has a safe and healthy place in which to grow up.  Activities like After Prom Parties, July 4th celebrations and the Halloween Trail of Terror help community youth discover the fun in drug-free, healthy activities.

McCoCo is very dedicated to preventing the use of tobacco, drugs and alcohol among community youth and has participated in Red Ribbon Week activities, the Great American Smokeout, Alcohol Awareness Month, Kick Butts Day and World No Tobacco Day, among others.  It is McCoCo’s intention to partner and collaborate with other community groups in order to pull together the resources necessary to ensure that McIntosh County remains a healthy place to work, play and live.  The 2015 Resource Health Fair is another perfect opportunity to make the changes desired.

2015 Resource Health Fair

Regardless of the health issues an individual may encounter in their life, the truth is that there are usually plenty of resources available to assist them in working through these issues.  However, few individuals actually partake of the services they need.  In many cases, it is simply lack of information that prohibits individuals from getting the full health care services they need.  Sometimes it can even happen that individual health care providers are unaware of the services provided by other groups and agencies in the community, and therefore fail to provide their own patients with the valuable referrals that may aid them in truly improving their health and condition.  By bringing all of these vendors and groups together, they can not only enlighten the general public but each other as well.

The McIntosh County Coalition Resource Health Fair will be held on June 16th, 2015, from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  It is sponsored by the McIntosh County Coalition for a Healthy Community and the McIntosh County Systems of Care.  The goal of the health fair is to allow various vendors to demonstrate a variety of health-related services that encompass all aspects of living in the community.  This will allow community partners to receive key information about each other, and to share this valuable information with the public.  Community partners will then be able to provide more assistance to their own customers through both direct services and referrals.  Local officials and policy makers will also attend the event in order to gain valuable information about the various services and programs available in their area, and how to partake of them.

Participating vendors are encouraged to showcase their services at the event by providing educational information about their business or agency and by giving a short presentation about their amenities.  All vendors have also been asked to provide a door prize for the event in order to help promote wide participation throughout the entire community.  With a united group effort, McIntosh County can pull together to maintain good health and happiness among all residents.

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