marathonThere are many things that can threaten the health and happiness of humans, not the least of which is mental health issues and substance abuse problems.  These problems often go hand-and-hand, and they can quickly destroy lives, communities and indeed society at large.  When addressing these problems, often the biggest barrier standing in the way of full resolution is ignorance, which prevents individuals not only from comprehending these problems, but also from comprehending what can be done to solve them.

Supporting Truth and Hope

Narconon Arrowhead well knows the damaging effects of ignorance, drug abuse and mental health issues.  With nearly fifty years of experience in successfully rehabilitating individuals from the problems of drug abuse and addiction, Narconon understands the value of empowering individuals with the truth about these problems.  In fact, the entire Narconon rehabilitation treatment program is centered around giving individuals the tools they need to successfully take back control of their lives and build better futures.  Rather than having the individual accept that they are suffering from problems they may never fully recover from, the Narconon program has the individual dig down to the root cause for their drug use and address it, as well as the many damaging effects their drug use caused for self and others.  Then, the individual is provided with valuable life skills they can use to not only improve their own life and happiness, but indeed the life and happiness of others around them as well.

In addition to their highly successful rehabilitation treatment program, Narconon Arrowhead delivers highly effective drug prevention education lectures, enlightening individuals as to the true nature of drugs and how they affect the human brain and body.  Narconon Arrowhead also takes great pride in supporting all community efforts that are directed at helping improve health and raise awareness of the problems threatening one’s health.  This year they were proud to take part in the Be a Hero for Hope Race, sponsored by the Choctaw Nation Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative.

The Be a Hero for Hope Race

The Choctaw Nation Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative works hard to spread understanding of and support for the problems of mental health illness and substance abuse so that they can be better prevented where possible, and addressed and resolved where necessary.  The 5K Mental Health Awareness Superhero Run – Be a Hero for Hope – is designed to bring more positive attention to what can be done to help those in need who suffer from these problems.  The run was held on May 30th, 2015, and began from the Stipe Recreation Center in McAlester, Oklahoma.  All participants were encouraged to dress up as superheroes in honor of the overall message for this race.

Prior to the race, which began promptly at 10:00 a.m., there was a costume contest to acknowledge the most spectacularly-attired heroes. At the conclusion of the race, medals were awarded to the top three male and female 5K finishers in each age group, and the top three overall male and female 5K finishers each received a special trophy.  Following the awards ceremony, there were stickball, Zumba and Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, as well as a SuperKids versus Villains Dash.

The Importance of Community

When it comes to the problems of drug abuse and mental health illnesses, many often find that there is a stigma attached to these issues that cause guilt, shame and embarrassment.  Unfortunately, this can cause many individuals to feel reluctant about reaching out to offer help, and many other individuals to feel reluctant about admitting their need for help.  Communities that pull together and support efforts like the Be a Hero for Hope Race are helping to spread the truth about these problems and get people the help they truly need to prevent or overcome them.

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