creole foodThere is no doubt that drug abuse and addiction problems are difficult to recover from.  Even with the right support and help, individuals who are seeking to overcome these problems may find that it is not easy or fast to do so.  In order to be successful, drug rehabilitation treatment must assist the individual in addressing and resolving each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug use.  However, treatment cannot end there.

Whatever an individual’s specific drug abuse and addiction problems, the fact remains that at some point very early in the process, it was they themselves that chose to use these chemical substances in order to deal with some problem or difficulty they had encountered in their life.  In other words, where the individual was either unwilling to seek a solution or unable to see that there was a solution, drugs became their solution.  It follows, then, that until the individual finds new solutions for their life problems, their recovery is shaky at best, and doomed to failure at worst.

An effective drug rehabilitation treatment program will therefore help an individual learn the life skills necessary to truly take back control of their life and future, and confidently address and resolve any problems that arise along the way.  This means that a truly thorough rehabilitation treatment program will include activities that allow recovering drug abusers and addicts to experience the joy and fun of life – without drug substances.

About Narconon Louisiana

Narconon Louisiana, which was established in 2006 after Hurricane Katrina devastated the area and left thousands of drug addicted residents without treatment options, appreciates the fact that recovering from drug abuse and addiction can be a long, difficult process.  However, they also understand that individuals who not only thoroughly understand drug substances and their damaging effects on the human body but who also appreciate local culture and what life has to offer them are often more interested in doing what it takes to recover their lives and health from drug abuse and drug addiction.  This is exactly what Narconon Louisiana students experienced when Chef Tony Chachere’s brought them a creole feast.

Spicing Up the Day

Tony Chachere’s grandfather, also named Tony Chachere, began cooking a creole style of seafood nearly one hundred years ago, and in the time since then the Tony Chachere brand has set the standard for creole seasoning.  Recently, the chef himself, along with his crew, helped spice up the day of Narconon Louisiana students by treating the entire rehabilitation facility to a meal of fresh seafood, including fried soft shell crab, fried shrimp, crawfish etouffee and fried catfish.

Each dish was hand-seasoned by Tony and his crew, and the kitchen was alive with excitement as they worked to prepare some of the best seafood dishes ever created.  As soon as Tony announced that the meal was ready, everyone’s face lit up with excitement and a line formed nearly out the door so that each individual could be served by the chef himself.

The delicious meal proved to be well worth the wait – each bite light, flaky and served with a homemade tartar sauce.  Kelley Keeney, the Facility Administrator at Narconon Louisiana, stated how much everyone appreciated having Tony and his crew come to cook for them.  It was a truly wonderful experience, and it helped to provide a much-needed break to Narconon students who are working hard at the difficult but undoubtedly highly rewarding job of recovering from drug abuse and addiction, as well as to the Narconon staff who are dedicated to helping these individuals take back control of their lives and their futures.

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