In the warm Mediterranean climate of Italy’s boot heel, Narconon Gabbiano welcomed back their graduates and families for their 27th anniversary celebration. Volunteers, supporters from the community, local authorities and neighbors were also welcome at the party held on the 19th of July, 2015.

Around the lovely swimming pool, guest sat at tables shaded from the sun. A long row of tables in the shade of a grove of trees bore an amazing array of food and drinks.

Of course there were speeches. There were thanks for those who volunteered for community projects and acknowledgements for those who were always there when needed. Graduates talked about their success staying sober after they went home, just to remind everyone that the game of Narconon is saving addicted lives. It was a sobering to realize that these fine men and women could have been lost forever if they had not received help in time.

And there had to be a huge cake with an anniversary message and a piece of cake for every attendee.

Local authorities also took the floor to comment on the benefits that Narconon Gabbiano had been able to offer Melendugno, the community which has supported Narconon Gabbiano for 27 years. Present were the Director of the City of Melendugno Giusy Dori and Councillor Paolo Morelli from the City of Cavallino, located about 16 miles away.

At the end of the day, it was back to business as usual – getting the students of Narconon ready to return home and live sober, productive lives.

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