narconon hungary staff
If it’s July, then it’s time for Narconon Garab to open its doors to friends, supporters, neighbors and graduates of their drug rehab program. This year, as in years past, the grounds of the facility were filled with adults and children who came to enjoy the music, festivities and games.

garab event carriage ridenarconon garab kids fishingThe day started early, with a walking tour of the country property, followed by a petting zoo for the kids and a fun fishing game. Then a tractor took families for a ride around the lush green countryside. Later, there was a competition to see who could send water balloons the farthest, using a huge slingshot and painting and jewelry-making crafts for children.

As the afternoon progressed, violinists, a cellist and a harpist gathered to provide a concert. The purpose was to raise funds to save more lives and thank those who have supported this effort to create drug-free lives where there once was addiction to drugs or alcohol.

As evening neared, a barbeque was enjoyed by the children and adults alike. And as night fell, children and their parents gathered around a big fireplace to just relax and enjoy the warm evening.

narconon garab violinistIt’s moments like these that allow the graduates of the Narconon drug rehab program to reflect how different their lives are from the days they were chained to their drug use. For those who support Narconon but have never been addicted, they may have been thinking about the number of people who have been turned away from crime and degradation by this rehabilitation program.

The staff and volunteers know that the job of Narconon is accomplished with the support of families and communities. For this reason, thanks were given to all those who provide help and services for the rehab center. Certificates and awards from the staff made their gratitude visible and gave their supporters a lasting symbol of thanks.

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