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Around Cape Town South Africa, the three top drugs creating destruction are alcohol, cannabis and “tik” – the local name for methamphetamine. Just a little over a decade ago, tik was almost unheard of. But the drug is easy to manufacture if you have the precursor chemicals so local drug dealers began to set up operations to distribute the drug to South Africans.

In Cape Town, Narconon drug prevention specialist Robert Van Der Feyst works tirelessly to take the Narconon anti-drug curriculum to students across the region.

Reaching children as young as primary school, he tells them the story about how he started to use drugs because he thought it was cool and he thought he would fit in with kids he wanted as friends. But that drug use quickly ruined his life until he recovered through the Narconon drug rehab program. Now, that story of ruin and recovery helps young people get the message that they too could lose everything to drugs.

After each class, Robert hands out surveys to the students so he can see if he reached these young minds. Responses to his surveys tell the story. The students told him:

“I now know not to take drugs and to be an example, help others and teach others about the dangers of drugs.”

“I know that I’ll never ever, ever, ever take drugs.”

“I am not going to do drugs because I now know the dangers.”

“I now want to really make a difference in this world, even with small things.”

“I wanted to try cocaine and now I definitely have no desire.”

“Drugs are no longer appealing.”

“I won’t take drugs, this way I have a better life and others around me, too.

“I was pondering about trying it, but after this it has completely changed my point of view.”

Robert and other volunteers in his group have so far reached nearly a quarter of a million children with their drug prevention classes. These surveys show that these young people are getting the message. As they continue to carry this message to schools, who knows how many of these young people have been steered away from a future addiction by the lesson? Robert and his team will simply continue to educate young people on the best way to stay healthy and successful.

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