At the invitation of a doctor in Nigeria, two Narconon executives visited the country to help with preliminary plans for a new Narconon drug rehab center in the country. Present from the Southern Europe Narconon Management Office was John Citterio and accompanying him was the Executive Director of Narconon Egypt, Karim Salah.

The invitation had come from Dr. Saidu, a medical doctor, who is interested in offering the Narconon program to those in the country struggling with addiction. The party visited locations in the country that could serve as facilities for this program, traveling from Kaduna in the center of the country to the sacred city Kano in the north.

At almost the same moment, volunteers in Lagos were visiting classrooms to teach young children about the dangers of drug abuse. At the beginning of the lessons, the children all participated in fun exercises that got them communicating with others in the room. Then bright and cheerful, the children were more interested absorbing the lesson of the instructor.

Children in Nigeria

In and around Lagos, Narconon volunteers have been active for years, even staging an annual parade and lesson on June 26th each year, in association with the local Drug Enforcement Administration. June 26th has been designated as the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and Narconon volunteers take this annual event to heart.

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