On September 13, 2015, the doors opened on an exquisite new Narconon drug rehab center perched on a hilltop near Ojai, California. This location, about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles, was designed as a resource for those who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol or drug abuse.

During the grand opening event, dignitaries from local communities and guests flooded through the buildings, touring the accommodations, the sauna area used for the deep detoxification called the New Life Detoxification Program, the classrooms, lounges and dining area. All had been renovated to the highest standards of both beauty and functionality. Students on the Narconon program have access to a gorgeous indoor pool, 42 acres on which to take walks with staff and unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean a few miles away.

Actress Kelly Preston described the role of this new Narconon center perfectly. Referring to the many losses due to drug and alcohol abuse among luminaries in the entertainment industry, she said, “Year after year we are losing our artists and colleagues we’ve worked with—often at too young an age. To make the tragedy even more distinct is the fact that we do have the solution that could have turned those lives around. We just haven’t had the location to deliver it. Until now. You don’t have to ‘always be a drug addict.’ You don’t have to ‘always be an alcoholic.’ That’s a lie. Our program works. And you can have a new life.”

In this private and safe location, it will now be possible to achieve lasting sobriety through the innovative Narconon drug rehab program. To learn more about Narconon Ojai or the Narconon program, call today.

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