In the last few months, Narconon drug rehab centers have been presenting a new face to the public. It’s the shiny face of a program that has been updated using all the newest media technology to enable clients to move more quickly and smoothly through the process of rehabilitation.

Around the world, Narconon centers are receiving new manuals to guide each client through each level of the program, new professional apparel for staff and comfortable casual apparel for clients, and an upgrade to their premises. A grand re-opening ceremony announces these new developments to their communities as each center completes preparations.

The launch of the new Narconon program in snowy Poggio San Romualdo.

Already, several Narconon centers have completed this relaunch. On the 28th of November, Italian center Narconon Astore welcomed friends, neighbors and graduates to snowy Poggio San Romualdo for their opening ceremony. In early December, another Italian center, Narconon Falco in Altilia, completed their renovations, outfitted their staff and commenced use of the new videos and program materials. Also launching this updated program were Narconon Argo in Spedino, about an hour from Rome, and Narconon Piedmont near Milan.

In late November, Narconon Taiwan in Hualien City premiered their new look and updated program. Narconon Louisiana, located near Baton Rouge, invited in graduates and neighbors for their new launch in early December.

Graduates returned to Narconon Louisiana for their re-launch.

Materials Reformatted for Speed and Simplicity

The updated Narconon program takes advantage of visual technology to make the program faster and more effective. Every level of the program has its own video introduction that explains what a person will experience on that step. If there are actions that must be learned, the video teaches them. As a result, there is less classroom time so each person spends a greater proportion of time completing the requirements of each level.

An introductory video thoroughly explains everything it is important for a person to know before starting the Narconon program. Nothing is left a mystery, nothing is left to chance.

The Best Time to Get Sober

When a person is struggling with addiction, any day could bring disaster. With the new, streamlined Narconon program, it’s possible that a stably sober new life could just be a few months away. The right time to get help for someone who is struggling with alcohol or drug use is right away, as soon as the problem is recognized.

Not everyone who needs help is ready to accept it. Narconon can help you through the steps you need to bring that person in the front door, ready to start getting his (or her) life back on track. Call today to start the recovery.

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