The Narconon network has seen the grand re-openings of many Narconon rehab centers in the last few weeks. In each opening ceremony, staff, students, graduates, families and communities celebrate the upgrade of both the facility and the program itself.

The program has been considerably streamlined, with educational videos making it simpler for participants to grasp the sober living concepts they will be taught. Every step has been reviewed and all-new manuals have been published to make the administration of the Narconon program exactly the same in every one of the some fifty centers located in every corner of the globe.

Narconon Garab ready for its opening ceremony.

Narconon Garab ready for its opening ceremony.

Here’s some of the locations that have enjoyed these festivities.

On November 22, Narconon Garab in Hungary opened their doors to their graduates and neighbors on a rainy afternoon. While it was gray and chilly outside, it was warm and welcoming inside the freshened-up interior.

Also in November, Narconon Eslov in Sweden installed the new video systems, outfitted their staff in the new apparel that accompanies these grand openings and welcomed friends and family in for a

New video installation for Narconon Eslov.

A new video display at Narconon Eslov.


In December, it was Narconon Freedom Center’s turn. This large facility in Albion, Michigan celebrated the update of this program that nears its fiftieth anniversary.

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan

Narconon Freedom Center in Albion, Michigan

Many other Narconon centers are in the process of being prepared for this upgrade and will announce their grand re-opening ceremonies soon.

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