oklahomaSubstance abuse and addiction problems affect every state in the nation, and indeed every nation in the world.  Individuals who encounter some problem or difficulty in their life may be under the mistaken impression that drugs can help them in some way.  The truth of it is that drugs cannot solve any of the problems for which they are taken, whether these problems are mental, emotional or physical in nature.  Instead, drugs interfere with the normal functions of the human body, temporarily suppressing undesirable sensations and stimulating desirable sensations and providing the individual with some degree of relief.  It is for this reason that the individual may believe drugs are helpful to them, however as their drug use continues and then progresses into drug abuse and addiction, the individual sinks farther and farther down the dwindling spiral of drug use. Read the rest of this entry »

no more wineAlcohol is rarely viewed as a dangerous drug substance, or even as any sort of drug substance at all.  It is a legal and socially acceptable substance that many individuals see no harm in imbibing on occasion.  In actual fact, however, even casual alcohol consumption can create unwanted effects in the individual, and can lead to alcohol abuse and addiction problems. Read the rest of this entry »

prescriptionPerhaps because they are FDA approved and doctor recommended, prescription medications can seem entirely safe to use, and even abuse, to many individuals.  In actual fact, however, prescription medications are drug substances, and as such they can be just as dangerous and destructive as any other drug substance.  In fact, some prescription drug substances have the same potential for harming an individual’s health as illicit opioid drug substances. Read the rest of this entry »

alcoholThis April marks the twenty-eighth annual Alcohol Awareness Month.  Sponsored by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), the purpose of Alcohol Awareness Month is to raise general public awareness and understanding of the problems related to alcohol abuse and addiction.  Alcohol Awareness Month is a time for communities to address alcohol-related issues, and promote the ideas of prevention, early detection and effective treatment. Read the rest of this entry »

graduateOn March 20th, 2015, the brand new Narconon Turkey held a special ceremony to celebrate their very first rehabilitation program graduates.  Standing before the Turkish flag, these graduates were given the opportunity to speak one at a time to an audience of family members, fellow Narconon students and their families, neighbors and city officials.  Having worked hard to achieve their freedom from drugs, they were able to take the time and explain what their journey to recovery had meant to them with the help of the Narconon program, and what hopes they hold for their future.  The Vice-Mayor of Ankara was at hand to present each graduate with their certificate of program completion, before the graduates returned to the open arms of their grateful family members. Read the rest of this entry »

peopleDrug abuse and addiction problems affect individuals in every country in the world, individuals who need professional rehabilitation treatment in order to take back control of their life and establish the strong foundation necessary for a healthier and happier future.  Ideally, effective rehabilitation treatment will help the individual address and resolve each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug abuse and addiction problems so that they are able to break with their past and focus on their future.  However, rehabilitation treatment programs of this nature are sometimes quite difficult to come by. Read the rest of this entry »

spring breakFor young individuals, Spring Break can be a welcome diversion in the middle of a seemingly endless school year.  It can be a time to hang out with friends and enjoy wonderful weather out of doors.  Some fifty years ago, Spring Break for college kids and young adults was similarly innocent in nature – a time for individuals to enjoy each other’s company and the outdoors.  Unfortunately, Spring Break has transformed into something else entirely over the past half-century.  In most cases, when individuals consider the proposition of Spring Break today they are thinking about wild parties with plenty of booze and other drug substances. Read the rest of this entry »

the unMarch 20th was declared The International Day of Happiness by a resolution of the United Nations, and Narconon supported an effort to help promote the message of the event throughout the world. The Day of Happiness Project was launched to line up with the UN’s International Day of Happiness, as a way to contribute to the momentum of the global event and to spread solutions for living a happier life to as many people as possible. Read the rest of this entry »

prescriptionHave you ever been given a bottle of pills for treatment of pain following a minor operation, a visit to the doctor about complaints of aches, or some similar condition which came and went. What did you do with the leftover pills? If you ended up with doses that you didn’t need, where did the pills end up? Maybe you threw them in the trash or flushed them down the toilet, thinking that you could just get rid of them. This may not have been a good idea, since the demand for painkillers and certain other prescription medications is so high that addicts are known to root through the trash in some cases searching for a bottle, while releasing the pills into the water supply poses problems with contamination. Read the rest of this entry »

workshopThe problem of addiction is far more complex than simply being about the physiological dependence that a heavy drinker or drug user develops. Certainly this dependence is a core factor in addiction — the body of the addict has adapted to the best of its ability to the chemical onslaught, and has reached a point where it needs a regular dose just to maintain this balance — but it is not the entire picture. There are also a host of other behavioral issues that go along with addiction, both in its causation and perpetuation. It has been found that many people who end up behind bars as a result of being driven into crime by their drug or alcohol abuse can trace their difficulties back to problems they were having coping with life. Read the rest of this entry »

anniversaryIt was in early 1966 that the Narconon program was originally conceived by founder William Benitez. He was behind bars, serving a prison sentence in Arizona after ending up in trouble with the law yet again as a result of his addiction to heroin. William had spent most of his adult life in the criminal justice system, and he could trace his troubles with the law back to the fact that during this entire time he had been a drug addict.  Drugs had ruined William’s life, but one day while he sat in his prison cell, an idea came to him that served as the foundation for what was to become one of the world’s most widespread and most successful drug rehab programs. The idea was to solve drug addiction without the use of other drugs in the treatment process, thus the name “Narconon.” He found the tools that he needed to achieve this goal in a book he read in the prison library, The Fundamentals of Thought by American philosopher L. Ron Hubbard. Benitez applied what he learned in Hubbard’s book to his own life, and shortly thereafter he knew that he had discovered the solution for freeing himself — or anyone else — from the trap of addiction. Read the rest of this entry »

heartFebruary is American Heart Month, a yearly event sponsored by the American Heart Association. The organization has invested nearly $4 billion over the years into research into research into the causes and treatments for heart disease, making them the leading sponsor of such research not including the federal government. American Heart Month has been observed annually since 1964, and this year’s event was ushered in by a proclamation from President Obama. Read the rest of this entry »

heroinAt the end of January, The Huffington Post published a long-form article, “Dying to Be Free,” which provides an exhaustive examination of the current heroin addiction epidemic which is surging throughout the United States. According to statistics from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the number of Americans who used heroin shot up by 265,000. The number of people who died of heroin overdose on an annual basis doubled between 2010 and 2012, and spiked another 39% over the next year, per numbers reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Read the rest of this entry »

parentFebruary has been designated as National Parent Leadership Month, an event sponsored for several years by the group Parents Anonymous. The organization, which works to prevent child abuse and neglect in the United States and worldwide, launched the event as a way to “recognize, honor, and celebrate parents for their leadership roles in their homes and communities.” One of the most important leadership roles that a parent can play in today’s society is in the duty to keep his or her children off drugs. Read the rest of this entry »

cocaineNewsChannel KFOR in Oklahoma City reported on January 20th on a case in which millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine was seized from a vehicle traveling from Arizona towards Oklahoma City. The bust resulted in the capture of nearly 80 pounds of the drug, a massive quantity of a drug which is routinely sold in amounts weighing no more than a few grams. It is being billed by law enforcement in Canadian County, where the incident took place, as possibly the single largest cocaine bust in the history of the Oklahoma City metro area, a region with a population of around 1.3 million. Read the rest of this entry »

alcoholEarlier this year, the East African nation of Mozambique was in the headlines in relation to a tragic development involving alcohol contamination. At the peak of the incident nearly 200 people were being treated in hospitals for symptoms stemming from the fact that they had recently consumed contaminated alcohol and were suffering from toxicity as a result. Of these, more than 70 had died, making this one of the worst outbreaks of poisoning caused by alcohol contamination. Read the rest of this entry »

methNarconon Arrowhead recently released a guide to educate the general public about methamphetamine. The goal of this project was to prevent meth use and addiction, since methamphetamine has already ruined too many lives and ended too many prematurely, and the team at the Oklahoma Narconon is committed to doing something about it. This initiative is of special importance to Narconon Arrowhead, given that their home state is one of those most heavily afflicted by the meth epidemic in recent years. Read the rest of this entry »

microscopeAs the popularity of marijuana seems to increase on an ongoing basis, and states around the U.S. vote to legalize its use or decriminalize it, many raise justifiable concerns over the safety of the drug. Marijuana is the subject of intense debate on many fronts, not the least of which is in the field of health. Advocates of the drug say that it is relatively harmless in comparison with other drugs including alcohol, and even point to evidence that it can be used as an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments. Read the rest of this entry »

alcoholOklahoma holds a place in the American imagination as being a rural, relatively peaceful and quiet area of the country. Images of the Sooner State usually include wide open prairies, cattle out on the range, and tornadoes being usually the worst event happening there. Alcohol poisoning deaths are not the type of thing that is typically associated with Oklahoma, but that could change, with recent news coming out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At the beginning of January, the CDC released a report, “Vital Signs: Alcohol Poisoning Deaths — United States, 2010–2012,” in which they ranked Oklahoma 11th in the nation for the number of deaths caused by alcohol poisoning on an annual basis over recent years. Over the years 2010 through 2012, an average of 37 Oklahomans died from drinking too much alcohol, a number which was only surpassed by 10 other states (in ascending order): Read the rest of this entry »

girlOn the evening of Saturday December 13th, a group of around 320 people descended upon the Nhow Hotel in the fashion, design and contemporary arts district of the city of Milan, in Northern Italy. It was a black tie event, where guests enjoyed aperitifs during the early stages, took in a delicious dinner, and were treated to a performance by the internationally known singer Evgenia Laguna. The event was more than just a party, however, and the hundreds of people who assembled at the hotel were there for a purpose. Read the rest of this entry »