One of the most active Narconon drug prevention teams in the world is the one in Hualien, Taiwan. From the Narconon rehab center on the east coast of the country, teams of staff and volunteers fan out every week to distribute educational materials to their neighbors. This time, the team traveled to the northern tip of the island to reach people they perhaps had not met before.

Keelung night market

The destination was Keelung City, a port city not far from Taipei. This city is renowned for having one of the most spectacular night markets in the country. At night, the streets of this district close down and the pavement is flooded with people eager for food, clothes or entertainments. But during the day, it’s possible to offer people educational materials on the dangers of drug use and engage them in conversation.

Narconon staff and volunteers from Taipei and Taichung spread out through the Keelung market, giving out brochures and answering questions. In this image, you can see the rows of bright lanterns overhead. At night, these lanterns, neon signs and fluorescent lights almost turn night into day.Taiwan drug prevention on the streets

But this day, it was all about helping the Taiwanese avoid injury and overdose death from drug abuse. In these images, you can see these tireless educators helping save lives.

drug education programMichigan Narconon Center Appoints New Drug Education Officer

The Narconon Freedom Center has recently taken a significant step in its efforts to reach out into the community and make a difference throughout the region. The group has appointed Honalee Johnson to serve as their drug education officer. She will be leading a team of drug education lecturers whose job it will be to travel to schools in the area for the purpose of delivering the highly popular and effective series of Narconon Drug Education Talks. Ms. Johnson’s background is in the hospitality industry, experience which makes her well prepared to engage with large groups of students. She says that in her career to date she has “worked with people from all walks of life and many have needed help.” Having personally witnessed friends and family benefit from the Narconon drug addiction treatment program, she is eager to contribute her own efforts to the cause of putting an end to the scourge of drug use and addiction in the community. “Delivering drug prevention education talks to children on the truth about drugs is a great way to start and I’m excited about my new position.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Drug abuse and long-term or heavy alcohol use have such a damaging effect on a person's personality and judgment. Many people find themselves committing crimes or immoral actions in the course of their addiction that they never would have committed before. That's why the Narconon program includes a number of actions that help a recovering addict recover his or her self-esteem and senses of morals, personal values and integrity. Read the rest of this entry »
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