From their headquarters in Italy, two executives of Narconon South Europe traveled to Senegal to introduce the nation’s top-level administrators to the drug rehabilitation technology of Narconon. Executive Director Giovanni Citterio and President Ugo Ferrando arrived in Dakar, Senegal in early October to meet with advisors to both the President and Prime Minister. The purpose of the visit was to lay the

Meeting with the leadership of the anti-drug police.

foundation for the opening of a future Narconon drug rehab center in the country.

At the Ministry of the Interior, the two visitors learned about the addiction situation in Senegal. The country suffers greatly from a large domestic cannabis industry, the trafficking of opiates to the Western Hemisphere and cocaine to Europe. The large port of Dakar is a magnet for much of the drug trafficking in the region. Children in the country have easy access to fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks. The country needs a solution for the problem of addiction that affects so many families in this West African country.

At the Agency for Assistance for Security of the Neighbourhood, the visitors met with Dr. Niang and established a partnership to provide drug prevention services beginning in November. Dr. Niang and his staff are charged with providing assistance in any form to the country’s neighborhoods. Visits with two technical advisors to the President and Prime Minister, Ms. Diop and Dr. Ndiaye, were also on the agenda.

Meeting with Dr. Niang of the Association for the Security of Neighborhoods.

The office of the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal and United Nations Human Rights activist Aminata Touré was the team’s last stop. They thanked Ms. Touré for the support provided throughout the trip.

The following months should be exciting ones of development for this South Europe-Senegalese connection.

One of the most active Narconon drug prevention teams in the world is the one in Hualien, Taiwan. From the Narconon rehab center on the east coast of the country, teams of staff and volunteers fan out every week to distribute educational materials to their neighbors. This time, the team traveled to the northern tip of the island to reach people they perhaps had not met before.

Keelung night market

The destination was Keelung City, a port city not far from Taipei. This city is renowned for having one of the most spectacular night markets in the country. At night, the streets of this district close down and the pavement is flooded with people eager for food, clothes or entertainments. But during the day, it’s possible to offer people educational materials on the dangers of drug use and engage them in conversation.

Narconon staff and volunteers from Taipei and Taichung spread out through the Keelung market, giving out brochures and answering questions. In this image, you can see the rows of bright lanterns overhead. At night, these lanterns, neon signs and fluorescent lights almost turn night into day.Taiwan drug prevention on the streets

But this day, it was all about helping the Taiwanese avoid injury and overdose death from drug abuse. In these images, you can see these tireless educators helping save lives.

At the invitation of a doctor in Nigeria, two Narconon executives visited the country to help with preliminary plans for a new Narconon drug rehab center in the country. Present from the Southern Europe Narconon Management Office was John Citterio and accompanying him was the Executive Director of Narconon Egypt, Karim Salah.

The invitation had come from Dr. Saidu, a medical doctor, who is interested in offering the Narconon program to those in the country struggling with addiction. The party visited locations in the country that could serve as facilities for this program, traveling from Kaduna in the center of the country to the sacred city Kano in the north.

At almost the same moment, volunteers in Lagos were visiting classrooms to teach young children about the dangers of drug abuse. At the beginning of the lessons, the children all participated in fun exercises that got them communicating with others in the room. Then bright and cheerful, the children were more interested absorbing the lesson of the instructor.

Children in Nigeria

In and around Lagos, Narconon volunteers have been active for years, even staging an annual parade and lesson on June 26th each year, in association with the local Drug Enforcement Administration. June 26th has been designated as the United Nations’ International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and Narconon volunteers take this annual event to heart.

kidsIf you had a program for educating middle and high school students about the dangers of drugs, and found that the program produced outstanding results, you would want to make sure that the program was put to use and reached as many young people as possible. A drug prevention education program which taught 80% of students something they didn’t already know about drugs and which led 90% to say that they could put the information to good use by Read the rest of this entry »

informationParents are increasingly challenged in their efforts to help their children remain drug-free, and not falingl prey to misinformation about drugs and drug use, and its consequences.  In keeping with their decades-long tradition Read the rest of this entry »

stop drugsOn the day after Valentine’s Day this month, a press release was issued to promote the Narconon Fresh Start organization and its associated Fresh Start Outreach Center. Both are located in the Los Angeles area, with Narconon Fresh Start having its headquarters in the city of Glendale and the Outreach Center being located in the neighborhood of South Central L.A. The staffs of both centers work with dedication to helping the people of their communities to get off drugs through effective rehabilitation solutions, and to avoid getting started with drugs in the first place through efforts at preventative education. To this end, Narconon Fresh Start manages a network of several drug rehab centers located in places ranging from Southern California to Nevada, Colorado and even South Texas. People come from across the United States to get sober at the different rehab centers operated by Narconon Fresh Start, and the name of that organization has become synonymous with hope and salvation in the minds of countless recovered addicts and their families. Indeed, the phrase “fresh start” is a perfect match for what that group has to offer. Read the rest of this entry »

commendsEarlier this year, a team of eight young artists from Los Angeles spent several months working in collaboration with the organization Narconon Drug Prevention & Education to develop a coloring book. The purpose of this project was to provide a valuable resource for educating children about the dangers of drug abuse and to thereby reduce the rates of drug use in the community, but they took a different approach than the one commonly followed in endeavors of this type. Instead of using scare tactics and cautionary tales to frighten children away from ever using drugs, they used a different method. The traditional way of educating young people about drugs, the fear-based method, often backfires, because it turns drugs into a taboo, and thereby sets up a situation in which the child becomes curious to try drugs to find out if they’re really all that bad. The Narconon drug prevention education program works, instead, by arming young people with the facts about drugs, but it goes further than this. It also gives them useful information about the importance of having and following a goal in life, as well as tools that they can use to achieve success in pursuing their goals. The team that developed the new coloring book applied these principles, and they did so with such an outstanding result that they have actually been recognized by a United States Congressman. Read the rest of this entry »

stop drug useA minister has many duties, and they extend beyond delivering sermons on Sunday morning. Also referred to as pastors, they are responsible for the well being of their flocks. The concept of a shepherd tending his flocks is deeply ingrained in the words that we use to describe the relationship between ministers and the people who attend their churches. Even the word “congregation” is derived from the Latin word grex, which means “flock.” In this light it is easy to understand that a minister’s duties encompass far more than simply preaching from the altar. Just as a shepherd would watch out for threats to his flocks and do everything he could to keep them safe, so can a minister be expected to warn the parishioners against dangers. That is exactly what a group of eight ministers from the South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles have recently done, and the threat that they have taken on is that of drugs. It is easy to see the impact that drugs have had on the community of South Central, from homeless addicts in the streets to poverty stricken neighborhoods and the gangs which are largely involved in the illegal drug trade. Recognizing that drugs are a major cause of the decay and disorder in South Central, the group of ministers set out on a search for solutions to the problem. Read the rest of this entry »

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