microscopeAs the popularity of marijuana seems to increase on an ongoing basis, and states around the U.S. vote to legalize its use or decriminalize it, many raise justifiable concerns over the safety of the drug. Marijuana is the subject of intense debate on many fronts, not the least of which is in the field of health. Advocates of the drug say that it is relatively harmless in comparison with other drugs including alcohol, and even point to evidence that it can be used as an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments. Read the rest of this entry »

Mom leaves kid on top of car while high on marijuana. This is an example of the dangers of weed. See how you can help someone get off weed. Read the rest of this entry »
There is a synthetic type marijuana drug called k2 or spice that has landed some users into the emergency room. Here are some of the effects of the drug and how you can help someone with an addiction. Read the rest of this entry »
Some people think that using marijuana while driving doesn't affect how he or she operate a vehicle. Statistics show that it does. Call a Narconon drug rehab counselor if you need help with drug abuse. Read the rest of this entry »
Innovative smugglers bring a catapult to the US-Mexico border to toss their wares across the border fences. Read the rest of this entry »
Drugs on campuses around the country lead schools and law enforcement to some unusual measures to try to eliminate this threat. Read the rest of this entry »
Studies that show the dangers of marijuana abuse are strangely absent amid all the furor about marijuana legalization or medical use. Read the rest of this entry »
But no matter the size of drug seizures, interdiction will never replace drug rehabilitation and education as the spearpoint of demand reduction - Narconon News Read the rest of this entry »