kidsIf you had a program for educating middle and high school students about the dangers of drugs, and found that the program produced outstanding results, you would want to make sure that the program was put to use and reached as many young people as possible. A drug prevention education program which taught 80% of students something they didn’t already know about drugs and which led 90% to say that they could put the information to good use by Read the rest of this entry »

person“The welcome we receive from youth and community members is proof that our drug prevention outreach is vitally important,” says Narconon International President Clark Carr, speaking about the organization’s activities for National Substance Abuse Prevention Month in October and throughout the year. “Helping young people grow up Read the rest of this entry »

narconon fresh startIf you had to answer the question, “Where do most high school students get their drugs?” there’s a very good chance that you would get the answer wrong. Marijuana is the most popular single drug in use among American teenagers, but it is not by any means the only drug that young people are using on a large scale. In the most recent edition of the Monitoring the Future survey, published through the National Institute on Drug Abuse, a list of the most common drugs used by American high school students featured marijuana at the top, but was dominated by prescription drugs of various types. More than half of the list was made of pharmaceutical drugs, medications intended for the treatment of different types of mental or emotional disorders. The answer to the question posed at the beginning, then, would have to include the local pharmacy, the doctor or the psychiatrist, in addition to the drug dealer. Countless children throughout the United States are now being prescribed medications that are just as powerful and just as potentially addictive as many street drugs, and unsurprisingly many are abusing them and some are getting addicted. Read the rest of this entry »

stop drugsOn the day after Valentine’s Day this month, a press release was issued to promote the Narconon Fresh Start organization and its associated Fresh Start Outreach Center. Both are located in the Los Angeles area, with Narconon Fresh Start having its headquarters in the city of Glendale and the Outreach Center being located in the neighborhood of South Central L.A. The staffs of both centers work with dedication to helping the people of their communities to get off drugs through effective rehabilitation solutions, and to avoid getting started with drugs in the first place through efforts at preventative education. To this end, Narconon Fresh Start manages a network of several drug rehab centers located in places ranging from Southern California to Nevada, Colorado and even South Texas. People come from across the United States to get sober at the different rehab centers operated by Narconon Fresh Start, and the name of that organization has become synonymous with hope and salvation in the minds of countless recovered addicts and their families. Indeed, the phrase “fresh start” is a perfect match for what that group has to offer. Read the rest of this entry »

10th anniversaryNarconon Fresh Start is an organization with headquarters in Glendale, California and a history dating back nearly as long as Narconon has been in existence. In the early 1970s, William Benitez founded the first Narconon center for the general public, after pioneering the development of the program in a prison where he was being held as an inmate in Arizona. The Narconon Los Angeles center later became Narconon Fresh Start, and it moved to Glendale, only a little to the north of downtown L.A. Today, Narconon Fresh Start runs a network of a half dozen in-patient drug rehab centers located in California and throughout the Western United States. One of these is the Sunshine Summit facility, a Narconon center located near the small town of Warner Springs in the rugged hills to the northeast of San Diego. On September 21st, the Sunshine Summit center was the scene of a large event in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the opening of the center, and more than a hundred people were in attendance to mark the occasion. Read the rest of this entry »