personNarconon Arrowhead is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Oklahoma. It is one of the most successful rehab centers in the world, with thousands of graduates that have attained sobriety and stayed that way ever since. While we live in a world Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t drug addicts realize what they are doing to themselves? Don’t they recognize what serious physical and mental damage they could suffer if they keep on using drugs? How can a drug addict continue to use despite knowing what terrible risks are associated with substance abuse? These questions and others like them are ones that constantly come to mind for those who have family members or friends who are drug addicts. Life with an addict presents this baffling conundrum, of wondering how someone you love so much can have such an enormous blind spot. It is a commonly recognized situation. Indeed, many definitions of addiction describe it as a condition in which a person continues to drink alcohol or use drugs despite recognizing that the substance abuse is causing severe problems or even ruining the person’s life. Now, we can get a better insight into what is going on in the mind of a drug addict, and specifically how it is that a person in that position can somehow justify continued substance abuse rather than taking effective action to quit. Narconon International has recently shared a video online in which a young woman discusses her own background as an addict and explains the thoughts that were holding her back from making positive change in her life. Read the rest of this entry »

adolescent substance abuseOnce upon a time, drug use by teenagers seemed to be a problem far away from the happy cul-de-sacs of the average American “nuclear” family. Reefer madness might be going on in somebody else’s city, but certainly not here in your own town.

In modern America, however, parents are becoming more and more aware of just how wide-spread adolescent drug use really is, and information from the United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is helping back this awareness up.

SAMHSA is providing information on just how many teenagers are using drugs on a daily basis, and the figures are shocking. Read the rest of this entry »

Drugs of abuse or addiction that also cause lowered defenses or amnesia are involved in hundreds of thousands of rapes each year, but due to the amnesia, a young woman may not know exactly what happened after wards. Read the rest of this entry »
December's gas explosion in Mexico that killed 28 may have resulted from drug cartel interference in gas pipelines. Read the rest of this entry »
Narconon report on substance abuse and drug addiction. News about the Narconon program. Read the rest of this entry »