Drug Addiction

Hope for Prescription Drug Addicts

You may have heard the idea that when one is addicted to prescription drugs, it is nearly impossible to quit. Luckily, with Narconon this isn't true.

There are a couple ways one can become hooked on prescription drugs, especially prescription pain killers (opioids) such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. The first is that one could be prescribed such drugs for real pain, such as chronic back pain, knee pain, etc., and then become addicted and feel he cannot stop. Or, one can start out abusing the drugs for "recreational" purposes. Either way, these drugs are so highly addictive that it is easy to become quickly addicted.

Fortunately for anyone who does get hooked on prescription drugs, there is an effective way out. Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers offer a drug-free, holistic and extremely successful rehabilitation program all over the world.

Narconon understands that the path of drug abuse can cause one to feel guilty or depressed, and that abusers have often hurt their family and friends, and don't feel they have a way back. Often one feels he cannot enjoy himself unless he is high on drugs. Or, he may be so addicted that he cannot envision a life without the drugs. No matter how far one has gone down this route, Narconon offers a very effective recovery program that works. For most families the one thing they want is to see their family member back to himself again, the way he was before drugs changed or influenced his life.

At Narconon, a person who wants to change this pattern is given all the help and support he needs, along with a very effective detox and life skills training program. In fact, he will begin with a very tolerable and effective withdrawal from drugs. He is given healthy nutrition from Day One of the program, along with plenty of vitamins, minerals and other supplements to help aid the body ease its aches and pains, and to adjust and rebuild itself. One also receives some one-on-one physical assistance, somewhat like a light, gentle massage which makes this step more endurable than one might expect.

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is unique, and includes daily moderate exercise, time in a dry-heat sauna, and more nutritional supplementation, helping the body rid itself of the drug residues that have accumulated. After eliminating these residues of drugs, most people report that they have far fewer cravings and some report no more drug cravings. Most say their thinking becomes clearer, free of the effects of the drugs. After completion of this part of the program, one is likely to have far more energy and an improved disposition, ready to go on to the next part of the Narconon program.

Prescription Drug Abuse Help

At this point, the recovering addict needs skills that he can use in life to keep him succeeding without the crutch that drugs seem to offer. Here he learns more interpersonal communication skills, how to choose people to associate with who will be supportive of him and his goals, and how to regain his personal integrity.

He will take measures as needed to repair old relationships and correct damage he may have caused to others when under the influence of drugs. He also will determine his own future, assisted by a simple common-sense moral code and chart his life ahead, one that he can maintain without falling back on drugs or alcohol.

When all of these steps are completed, one can graduate the Narconon program. Because of the thoroughness of Narconon, the success rate of 70% who remain drug-free at least two years after graduation is higher than any other drug rehab program. This is without having to attend Narconon meetings of some sort.

If you or a loved one is suffering from prescription drug abuse, contact a Narconon rehab counselor today.

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