Drug Addiction:

Crack Cocaine Creates Urgent Need for Cocaine Addiction Rehab

All drugs that are addictive have the potential to create destructive consequences and can result in accidents, severe health effects and sometimes even death. But crack cocaine use actually has been associated with more frequent and severe symptoms than cocaine use itself. In a study at the Medical University of South Carolina, doctors found that paranoia occurs in minimally two-thirds of crack users; 55% of them are involved in some type of violent acts, and in some places 31% of homicide victims had been killed by users of crack. It was also found that in 20 percent of suicides, crack cocaine was present.

One problem that crack users have is that a tolerance to the drug is quickly acquired, which means one will have to chase the euphoric high by using more and more of the drug, and taking it more often. There is also higher risk of getting severe mental disturbances that are associated with crack.

It becomes hard to see how one could live without the drug so the addict will go to extreme lengths to obtain more and more of the drug, sometimes turning to illegal activities just to get more "rocks."

However, rehab and recovery is possible with crack cocaine as with any other drug, since the basic damage done by an addict is consistent with most other drugs. The addict will often tell lies to loved ones; he'll eventually lose the ability to live honestly around others, and will begin to believe he can feel good only when he is high.

The loss of self-respect and one's personal integrity follows the acts one usually has to commit to keep getting more drugs. And, the world is perceived differently by someone on drugs; they don't see it clearly, but through a sort of dim fog because of the residual effects of continued drug use. This must be handled if one is going to recover from long term drug abuse.

Some programs actually try to aid recovering addicts by prescribing other drugs. Unfortunately, this approach will not help the person recover fully from addiction, but simply leaves them with an addiction to a different substance.

The Narconon Drug Rehab Program Provides New Hope and Life for Cocaine Users without Substitute Drugs

At Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the world, cocaine and crack cocaine addicted people find long-lasting recovery and regain self-esteem and integrity as well as getting the body free of drugs. This is done in a drugless environment that offers a holistic, long-term rehab approach.

Cocaine Withdrawal

The Narconon program has existed for more than 45 years and is located in fifty different centers around the world. Because of the thoroughness of the program, the lasting recovery rate at Narconon is seventy percent, as measured by those who remained clean and sober at least two years after program completion.

One begins the Narconon program with a surprisingly tolerable withdrawal phase. One is aided through the withdrawal period with plenty of nutritional support and is supervised by trained Narconon withdrawal specialists who will provide assistance as needed to make the withdrawal process less difficult. One then goes through the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, which includes more nutritional supplements along with daily exercise and time spent in a dry heat sauna. This combination helps to break down and flush out the toxic drug residues from the fatty tissues of the body, which helps remove the lasting effects from the drugs. Once these are gone, most recovering users report far fewer or even no cravings and a much brighter outlook on the world around them.

The next portion of the Narconon program involves extensive life skills training to restore the person's self-esteem, dignity and integrity. He learns why he decided to use drugs in the first place, and what he can do in the future to make better, drug-free choices. He also will regain his own moral compass, and chart his future without the need for drugs even in difficult situations. When the person has completed all eight phases of the Narconon drug rehab program, and has a solid plan for living a drug-free and productive life, he graduates and returns to the world, sober and happy to begin his life anew.

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