"Bath Salts" Cause of Death for Young People

Bath Salts

In Vermont recently, the chief medical examiner for the State found that drugs known as bath salts were the cause of a 28-year-old's death. This occurred in the city of Clarendon, and Christopher Tsacoyeanes was the young man who died of an accidental overdose in July of 2012. The substances found in his body included MDPV, Alpha-PVP and Pentylone, chemicals found in new synthetic drug being called "bath salts". However, these are just a few of eighty or more chemicals that might be included in these small foil packs. This group of drugs known as "cathinones" cause aggression and hallucinations, among other things.

The Vermont State Health Commissioner, Dr. Harry Chen, commented that these drugs contain "A stimulant that causes very bad side effects like hallucinations, paranoia, suicidal behavior, seizures and death." He believed this was the State of Vermont's first bath salt death. The State of Vermont, along with several other states and the Federal government, has now enacted an emergency ban on the sale of these highly dangerous drugs.

Previously, the sale of "bath salts" was legal, and they were found for sale in head shops, gas stations, convenience stores and other places. But, with thousands of calls to poison control centers, and a rash of effects that included paranoia, suicide and other psychotic behaviors such as violent attacks on others, many states are trying to follow the Federal ban and outlaw the ingredients found in these synthetic drugs. As a result of 31 states enacting their own bans, the number of ER trips due to these drugs is starting to decrease.

Dr. Chen said that these synthetic drugs are not new to the State, but that producers are finding ways to keep selling them by changing the formula slightly. This makes the drug effects unpredictable; many contain substances that are similar to but far worse than methamphetamine. More disturbingly, the Vermont State Police Commissioner Keith Flynn relayed that national studies show that high school juniors and seniors are the largest market for these potentially deadly drugs.

Another Young Man Commits Suicide while on Bath Salts

Bath Salt Effects

In a comprehensive article on bath salts by Jenny Marder of PBS, she describes a 21-year-old BMX rider, a sweet-spirited and warm young man, who met a similar fate in November of 2010. He committed suicide by shooting himself with a 22 caliber rifle, the culmination of five days of bizarre behavior initiated by snorting bath salts that he bought from a friend. Rather than a brief legal high that he thought he would get, Dickie Sanders of Louisiana experienced several days of insomnia, terror and delusions that were so frightening he first attempted to kill himself by slitting his own throat with a butcher knife. However, even after his release from the hospital, and even after promising his stepmother he would never again try such a thing, the paranoia returned in the middle of the night. He found the .22 rifle he'd won in a shooting contest years before and took his own life.

Narconon Offers Hope for Drug Abusers

There is hope for people who are hooked on bath salts, as well as for those on any other drugs. Luckily, Narconon offers a drug-free solution to getting off drugs and making a clean, fresh start at a life without the need for drugs.

Each drug that someone abuses can cause addiction and the decline of self-respect and integrity. The Narconon program involves getting rid of the physical effects of the drug first. One follows that up with a comprehensive battery of life skills courses to rebuild the trust and self-respect of the individual. The Narconon program has been helping addicts to recover sobriety for more than 45 years. There are Narconon rehab centers located on six continents in more than fifty locations around the world.

Find out more about Narconon by visiting www.narconon.org.


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