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Crystal Meth FAQ

Crystal Meth FAQ

What is Crystal Meth and how is it different from meth?

Crystal meth refers specifically to the extremely pure, crystalline from of meth that can easily be smoked in the same manner as crack cocaine. As the name implies, crystal meth comes in clear crystal chunks that are similar in appearance to ice or glass. Even though it is easily smoked, crystal meth user will also inject and snort the drug; all of these are means to get the highest levels of crystal meth into the blood stream in the most concentrated form.

Why is Crystal Meth so addictive?

All drugs of addiction have one thing in common, they produce a "high", defined as a moment of euphoria or a time when the drug forces the user to go exterior to his ordinary reality. If you are worrying about an unresolved problem, the crystal meth will immediately overwhelm the body and mind to the extent that your original worry is diminished and almost lost. The emotional impact of that worry becomes secondary to the emotional charge connected to the crystal meth "rush" or "high". After the first "rush", the user seeks to experience that onset of euphoria repeatedly, which keeps the user from feeling his original reality.

Part of the addictive appeal is the escape from unhandled problems in one's life, accompanied by a feeling of warmth, security and euphoria that compels the user to compulsively seek to repeat the same actions that originally caused the "high". This repeated seeking of the original "rush" is one of the dangers connected with addiction since the user many times will become overly toxic and overdose in attempts to find that allusive euphoria.

The "high" that comes from crystal meth use will be sustained for a matter of hours, at which time the body will have metabolized the crystal meth and will begin to start its recovery from the over-excited state that it caused. This recovery is referred to as the "crash" that comes after the "high". Crystal meth users soon learn that the only quick way to recover from this "crash" is to use more crystal meth. This vicious cycle is the start of uncontrolled, compulsive or addictive use of the drug.

Crystal Meth Use

How can you identify someone that is addicted to crystal meth?

If you have an intimate relationship with someone that is using crystal meth, you will be close enough to the person to spot the differences in their behaviors that are telltale signs of using an "upper" which could be crystal meth. Some of these behavior changes are: sleeplessness, agitation, dilated pupils, sweating, short attention spans, heightened sexual urges with a compulsive edge, skin and hair become listless, extreme mood shifts that include irritability, panic attacks and paranoia.

If you know someone that has a preponderance of these symptoms, it is safe to assume that there is a substance abuse problem that is likely to be associated to amphetamines. Whether one is using crystal meth or not is hard to distinguish without more information as to how the drug is administered.

When only one person in a relationship is taking crystal meth, it is nearly impossible for the "straight" person or persons to not notice the dramatic changes caused by this drug. The most obvious is the lack of need for sleep when the drug is present in the blood stream. With continual use of crystal meth, this sleeplessness might last three to four days. Ultimately, however, the crystal meth user will become emotionally exhausted and will feel the need to take a sleeping pill or alcohol to help counteract the nervousness. These behavioral signs are so dramatic that it would be impossible not to notice that one's loved one is using some type of drug.

However, small doses of crystal meth maybe hidden from observation by a loved one since the smaller amounts will only enhance normal behaviors and may lead one to think that the user is doing very well.

More specific evidence can be found though the examination of the drug paraphernalia that accompanies crystal meth use. The crystal meth "rock" are usually sold in small, one-inch, self-locking plastic bags that will retain a white residue that has a bitter taste. If the drugs is being injected, there will be evidence of "track marks", or you may find small straws used for snorting the ground up form of the drug, or, if the drug is being smoked, you could find glass pipes or pieces of foil that has the signs of being held over a flame.

Crystal Meth Abuse Help

What are the side-effects of Crystal Meth use?

The side-effects of crystal meth use are so extremely dangerous, that any suspicion that your loved one may be using some type of "enhancement" drug should lead you to immediately address the reality of your concerns, followed by a drug test that can show what substance is causing your concern. Interviews with family members of crystal meth users will report that they had suspicions long before their loved one got into trouble with this drug. Anyone using crystal meth will be very defensive if accused of being under the influence of a some substance, even if the accusation is very mild and done carefully. Family members will report that the responses to their inquiries about possible drug use were aggressive and intimidating, which kept them from addressing their concerns as they would have liked.

There is never an excuse for ignoring one's instincts and fears that a loved one may be exhibiting drug-effected behaviors. Sleeplessness is the most common expression of crystal meth use and "I should have done something sooner" is the most common expression of family regret connected to the consequences of unhandled drug problems.

How Can the Narconon Program Help a Crystal Meth Addict?

The Narconon drug rehabilitation program has helped many people get off crystal meth. Some other drug rehab programs use substitute drugs to help a person get off crystal meth and other drugs, but the Narconon drug rehab program doesn't use drugs to get a person off drugs. The Narconon program is very unique and has a strong success rate. The drug detox procedure that the Narconon program provides helps to release all of the chemicals from the body that the user has collected over the years. These chemicals store in the fatty tissue of the body and can trigger drug cravings and hold a person back in life.

For more information about the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, contact a Narconon representative.

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