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Emotional Highs and Lows of Cocaine Use

Why would someone abuse cocaine? What drives the cocaine user to continue to abuse this drug? There are obviously some reasons that one would find desirable or they would not continue to use such a potent and potentially dangerous drug.

The first hit of cocaine may give a user the feeling of euphoria as well as a lot of confidence and enjoyment. He may be suddenly less apprehensive and feel a strong sense of invulnerability. Cocaine often makes users feel temporarily more energetic and less groggy than alcohol or other drugs such as opiates. It may mean that one wouldn't need to sleep or eat for a while so one can continue to party longer, which may be a desirable short-term effect for a while.

However, the short term "good thing" rapidly deteriorates and one will need another hit (line or injection) within a half-hour or even less in order to keep the high going. And, after the drug has been used for a while, it is possible to develop a tolerance so that greater and greater quantities of the drug are needed. That first euphoric feeling is elusive and some say they can never feel that good again.

The user will usually pursue that high however, and increased doses can make one rapidly addicted to this drug, which can then cause serious damage to the cardiovascular system. These effects can lead to heart attacks, strokes and even death.

What about the lows of cocaine abuse? When you see an addict who hasn't had his dose of cocaine or who is on a binge, it is easy to see the down side. The path is characterized by anxiety, paranoia, sometimes erratic behavior, panic attacks, along with strong cravings for more of the drug. The side effects include nervousness, restlessness, tremors, anxiety, and irritability. Chronic use may lead to personality changes, hyperactivity, and fear. Very heavy users may become aggressive, violent or psychotic. The only thing that matters to the coke addict is finding more of the drug. Everyone else and everything else in his life take a back seat to his pursuit of more of the drug, as with any addiction.

Help Cocaine Addiction

Fortunately there is hope for a full recovery at Narconon drug and rehabilitation centers all over the world where a person addicted to cocaine can free himself of this habit. The first thing that one must do is to make a decision to get clean. It may be that one doesn't feel it is possible to experience enjoyment in life without the drug, but in fact, life will be more enjoyable, productive and satisfying when he is off drugs for good. Once he or she has made this decision, Narconon is there to help -- on six continents of the world, with more than 50 holistic drug rehabilitation centers.

The Narconon rehab program offers a drug-free approach to cocaine rehab. It is done under very close supervision, and begins with a thorough nutrition and vitamin and mineral supplement program, and one-on-one counseling and assistance. Some of the "assists" are like gentle massages which help to ease the discomfort of withdrawing from the drug.

This is followed by the unique Narconon New Life Detoxification program. During this part, the person will take more nutritional supplements, exercise a while each day, and sit in a dry heat sauna. This program helps to flush out old drug toxins from the body, making it possible for the person to see the world more clearly, unimpaired by the fog of drug use. People who have finished this part of the program talk about how they have renewed energy and better perceptions of the world around them, a more positive outlook, and even decreased and sometimes eliminated drug cravings.

Narconon also addresses the causes that led one to drug abuse in the first place, and teaches life skills in order to help one function in life without the need of drugs again. One learns to make decisions that are helpful and plans his future so that he can lead a drug-free and productive life. He will learn successful communication and decision-making skills, and a new moral code to help him chart a course for the future. In fact, the Narconon drug rehabilitation program is so effective that seventy percent of the graduates stay drug free and sober at least two years after completing the program and going home.

If you know someone who has a problem with cocaine addiction, call Narconon to find help locate a Narconon center near you.

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