How to Recognize Heroin Abuse Signs

Heroin Abuse Sign

It may have occurred to you that some other people's kids are abusing drugs. It may even have crossed your mind that your own kids could be on drugs, but you have not really confronted them with it. Or, you may not know how to recognize signs of drug usage, and particularly with heroin abuse signs, you may not think what you are seeing could possibly be symptomatic of that.

As a parent, you should know if your child is using drugs. But many parents do not recognize the signs. Knowing them may be helpful, in that it could alert you to a situation requiring help such as drug rehab treatment, or it may be reassuring to know that your child is clean and sober.

One who uses heroin will have a laid-back, kind of nonchalant and mellow feeling. It may be that they do things more slowly or act dopey, but they may look happy at the same time. One tends to respond more slowly when asked questions if on heroin. Another heroin abuse sign is found in the eyes, which if you look closely, will look funny. The pupils will be contracted (smaller than normal), and they do not respond to light. In addition, if one has been shooting up, there may be needle marks on the arms. Users may sleep at unusual times and sleep a lot, or seem to never sleep. And, there sometimes are signs of withdrawal such as vomiting, sweating profusely, sniffling, muscle spasms and twitching.

Heroin Use

You should know that experimentation with drugs does not automatically or always lead to drug addiction. However, the earlier one uses any drug, the more likely their risk of developing serious drug abuse or addiction. Parents need to be alert to signs of drug abuse, and try to distinguish between the normal adolescent "ups and downs" and more serious problems which may signal drug abuse.

Another heroin abuse sign is the person doing unusual things to find money for more of the drug. They may sell things that are obviously needed or valuable, and may even steal items from their own family home or friends' families. It is not that the person is suddenly a criminal. They simply must find the money to support the habit. The one thing that is most important to the heroin user is to get another fix. Everything in his life becomes unimportant in relation to this dire need. At this point one is truly addicted, and will need effective drug rehab to get clean again.

Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Offers Effective Rehab for Heroin Addicts

Fortunately, Narconon drug rehabilitation is an effective program that results in seventy percent of its graduates remaining drug free after completing the program. Regardless of the drug being abused, each person who enters the Narconon addiction program experiences relief, and seven of ten people discover lasting sobriety because of the Narconon drug rehab program.

Healthy Nutrition

When one enters Narconon drug rehabilitation, he begins with a surprisingly tolerable withdrawal period, during which he is supported with lots of healthy nutrition, and vitamins and minerals which help the body to rebuild itself, and ease cramping and discomfort. A trained Narconon staff member also will work one-on-one with a recovering drug abuser to give him or her assistance in the form of assists, a type of therapeutic gentle massage, and other exercises which contribute to a restored sense of hope that one can truly beat the habit.

This is followed by the unique Narconon New Life Detoxification Program, which uses sauna time, along with moderate exercise and more nutritional supplementation to help rid the body of the harmful residues of drugs. These residues, which are stored in the body's fatty tissues, have been shown to be capable of triggering cravings for more drugs, even years after the person has stopped using. When one finishes this step of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program, most report that there are far fewer and sometimes no more cravings for drugs, that they can think more clearly, and that the outlook for the future is bright and optimistic.

Life Without Drugs

With this restored sense of optimism and a clean body, which is now cleansed of these toxic drug residues, one begins on the life skills portion of the Narconon drug rehabilitation program. It is here that one can free himself of the guilt that often accompanies addiction, resulting from the things he may have done in order to obtain drugs, or lies he told friends and family members, etc. He has a chance to repair this damage and if needed, make amends to loved ones, in addition to restoring his own self-respect and confidence that he can maintain his integrity in the future. Some courses one studies in the life skills portion of the program also involve re-establishing his own moral values, and with these restored, a person charts his own course for a drug-free and sober future.

Drug Addiction Help

At all of the Narconon facilities, each person entering the program has a very good chance of recovering lasting sobriety. It may not happen overnight, and the average of three to five months that it takes most people is a short amount of time to dedicate to conquering such a crippling addiction.

To help someone you love overcome the pain and suffering of addiction to any drug or to alcohol, find out more about the Narconon program.



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