Argentina and Drug Trafficking


While Argentina used to be known as a transshipment point for trafficked drugs, it has emerged recently as both a destination for peddling illegal drugs and a distribution point for further distribution to other countries. Highlighting how prevalent this route is in the global cocaine trade, Argentine authorities recently arrested their final suspect in a seventeen-man international drug trafficking ring led by Serbians and Croatians that moved cocaine from Argentina to Eastern Europe. In another situation, the Argentine inspector general said serious failings in inspections at Argentina's ports and airports are facilitating the flow of illegal drugs. Some say this is a deliberate omission, creating a "free zone" for drug trafficking.

According to the latest UNODC World Drug Report, Argentina is the third most often cited country of origin for cocaine seizures around the world. The growing drug market within Argentina is demonstrated by the fact that authorities seized 40 percent more cocaine in the first three quarters of 2012 than in the same period the year before.

In just one example, in July of 2012, Argentina's revenue and customs authority, AFIP, destroyed more than half a ton of cocaine they had seized in Buenos Aires International Airport from one outbound flight to Nigeria. The AFIP officials said the operation is indicative of a growing trend of increasing cocaine seizures.

The AFIP also reported the amount of marijuana seized in 2012 had risen slightly, with 5.5 tons of the drug seized compared to 5.4 in 2011.

One province of Argentina called Chaco is reportedly becoming a hub for making and distributing new synthetic drugs as well, under the guidance of the Sinaloa drug cartel.

Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse

With cocaine, marijuana and additional synthetic drugs in greater supply, drug abuse is a growing problem in Argentina. According to the UNODC World Drug Report, global demand for cocaine is increasing. There is evidence that where the supply is greater, the demand also grows. Thus, Argentina may have a larger drug problem in the future. Drug abuse brings with it other crime and increases in violent crimes have also been noted in Argentina.

Drug Rehab Needed in Argentina

When drug abuse becomes prevalent, the need for drug rehab increases. In Argentina, as in Bolivia, Peru, and Brazil, the growing supply of drugs indicates that more and more people will be in need of effective drug rehab.

Narconon Offers Effective Help

When a person is in need of effective drug rehab services, the Narconon program can help. The Narconon drug and alcohol rehab program consists of eight unique steps, some of which help the recovering user to address the physical aspects of drug abuse and some to address the mental or emotional blocks to recovery. The person recovering from abuse of any drugs or alcohol first goes through a relatively tolerable withdrawal period, followed by a drug detox on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. Once he has handled the drug effects on his body, a person in recovery at Narconon usually finds he has far fewer cravings for more drugs. Some even report their cravings have stopped at this point.

Drug Addiction Help

But the remainder of the program is needed to help the recovering drug user get rid of his guilt and learn to live without the need for drugs. There are five more courses that he studies to learn vital skills, including recovering his personal integrity as well as living by a moral code based wholly on common sense. The Narconon program is so effective that the large majority of its graduates worldwide remain drug free for at least several years following graduation.

For more information about the Narconon centers in Latin America call a rehab specialist today.


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