Drug Rehab for Denmark

A parent whose child is addicted to drugs or alcohol needs somewhere to turn. In Denmark the drug abuse and addiction problem reaches every sector of society. People of all ages get caught up in destructive and life-threatening addiction and find their lives become a complete shambles. Jobs are lost, friends turn their backs and family trust flies out the window. The only solution is to find addicts lasting recovery so they can get back their lives and recover their dreams.

Lasting recovery has been difficult to find in Denmark. In 2011, reports were published that provided evidence that of more than 5,600 people entering treatment, only 1,847 were new treatment clients. This, unfortunately, points to how many times an addict may try to find full recovery from drug addiction only to fail. Relapse sends users back to rehab over and over again. However, an alternative exists with the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Mørkøv.

No Drug Substitutes at Narconon in Denmark

Replacing one addiction for another is not the route to lasting sobriety. However, many drug treatment centers in Denmark are committed to using substitute drugs for addiction. In 2011, approximately 7,600 addicts were placed on substitute treatment of methadone or buprenorphine. In addition, treatment using a synthetic version of heroin has been used and more addicted persons are being placed on this as a medically prescribed treatment - 198 addicts as of April 2013.

Narconon Denmark

At Narconon Denmark a completely different and more effective drug rehabilitation is available - one without the use of any substitute drugs or medications.

Further Detox Important for Full Recovery from Addiction

Narconon provides an effective sauna drug detoxification which uses moderate daily exercise, nutritional supplements of vitamins and minerals, healthy oils and time in a sauna to flush out the drug toxins left behind after drug use. The old, stored drug residues are removed from the fatty tissues and this process cleanses the body and clears the mind. Most people who complete this step describe the way their cravings start to diminish. The person feels brighter and more alive and alert. Some even say their cravings have disappeared altogether. This type of detoxification is exclusive to the Narconon program.

Staying Sober Takes Something More

When the recovering addict has reached the later part of the program, he (or she) may think he is ready to go back home. The physical balance is so much improved and he feels so good. However, there is more to do in order to help the person remain drug-free and sober.

Denmark Student

The Narconon Life Skills Courses provide the education needed to maintain a sober life. This is an extensive trip of self-discovery. There are no group meetings or counseling where the person shares his past drug stories. Instead, there is a series of courses where the student learns how to restore relationships, obtains real tools to use in daily living, and discovers new insights about himself and his life. When he finishes the program, he will know how to go back into the world and face what comes up, without turning to drugs or alcohol again.

There is no question - for the best chance at lasting recovery, Narconon is the first choice in Denmark and will help an addict recover his basic goodness, integrity and responsibility. His life can be fulfilling and productive and he can achieve his dreams.

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