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Drug abuse is never a pretty picture. One may think of inner city youth hanging around dark alleys shooting up with heroin. Or recall some movie in which he saw an degraded man leaning over a mirror inhaling cocaine up his nose.

Modern drug users are not the stereotypical ones seen in movies, however. The modern user can be the child of your next door neighbor or the housewife you see every week at the grocery store. More and more drug addicts are becoming addicted to prescription painkillers, the modern day synthetic opioids that are as strong as heroin. There have been so many unintentional deaths caused by these drugs that the CDC has declared it an epidemic.

In every case, the path to drug abuse seems to be a one-way, dead-end street. When one has become lost in this trap, the only thing that matters is finding more drugs. Narconon is there to provide a way out of this trap.

Narconon Offers Effective, Alternative Drug Rehab Program

Narconon offers help for those who really want to kick the drug habit, even if they have tried other rehabs and failed. There are more than fifty Narconon drug and alcohol rehab centers around the world. The reason the Narconon program is so successful is that this holistic eight-step rehab program addresses the three main areas that addicts must handle. These are guilt, depression and cravings.

Narconon Drug Detox

One starts on the road to recovery at Narconon with a relatively tolerable withdrawal where he is given lots of good nutrition, rest and some gentle assistance as needed, similar to a light massage. After this he soon begins the unique Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This helps the former drug user rid his body of the residues of drugs that have been stored in the fatty tissues of the body. The person will engage in daily exercise, time spent in a dry, low-heat sauna, and take some specific nutritional supplements. These factors in combination help him to eliminate the drug residues from his body.

Most who complete this step of the eight-step Narconon program report that they have far fewer or no more cravings at all. Most also report that their outlook on life is more positive and they have an ability to think more clearly following the detox.

Study Course Students

After this portion of the program, a student at Narconon is ready to start studying six courses to help him regain the ability to live a drug-free and productive life. He has the opportunity to make up any damage he may have caused others while he was addicted, thus helping him to relieve his guilt. He will re-chart his own future course, with the help of Narconon staff members before he completes the entire program. Due to the thoroughness with which this program addresses the three core issues, Narconon has an overall success rate of 70% of its graduates who attain long-lasting sobriety following completion. This is one of the highest success rates in the rehab field.

Unique Pattern of Drug Usage in Denver

Colorado and particularly Denver have interesting drug patterns. Denver's rate of drug-related Emergency Department visits involving underage drinkers is consistently and significantly higher than the national rate. Among these visitors, most of them were young adult males, aged 18 to 20. Also, it was the younger Denverites who were most often involved in these ED visits.

Polydrug use is a another common problem in Denver. Among Denver's underage drinkers aged 12 to 20, more than one in four were using alcohol in combination with other drugs. Denver also has significantly higher rates involving drug-related suicide attempts.

Colorado Youth Affected by Pro-Marijuana Messages

Marijuana is very popular among Denver's youth, and medical marijuana dispensaries are even listed online, with 52 of them located in East Denver. Colorado went through a number of stages of permitting medical marijuana distribution, but the major expansion of this business in the state occurred in 2009. And there are signs that this presence could be affecting the judgment and habits of the youth in Colorado.

Drug Use Up School

For example, in Denver, the referrals to law enforcement officials for drug violations in schools are up 71% in the last four years. In schools around Denver, suspensions and expulsions for drug violations have also been increasing for the last four years. Expulsions are up 35%; suspensions are up 45%.

It seems that the legalization of the substance for medical reasons could easily be sending a message to youth that it is safe for them to consume as well. The perception that marijuana is safe goes hand-in-hand with increased usage according to the Monitoring the Future study. Among high school students in this study, marijuana use continues to exceed cigarette use. In 2011, 23% of high school seniors nationwide used marijuana in the past 30 days compared with 19% who smoked cigarettes.

Also according to this study, attitudes toward substance abuse could explain these findings. Among all three grades surveyed, recent trends show a decline in the "perceived risk of harm associated with marijuana use."

Narconon Colorado in Fort Collins Offers Effective Addiction Rehab

Drug Rehab Specialist

In a quiet neighborhood north of Fort Collins, Narconon Colorado provides the Narconon program for people from all areas of the US. Here, no matter what was the drug or drugs one was addicted to, one can take as much time as needed to recover his sober life.


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