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Drug addiction is an epidemic over much of the world. Some areas are harder hit than others. Fortunately for those in Florida, Narconon offers hope and help to successfully overcome prescription and other drug addiction at three Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers around the state.

To understand the prescription drug addiction epidemic, one first should understand that there are three problems all addicts share. These are depression, guilt and cravings. In order to recover from drug addiction, the recovering addict must be helped to recover from depression that comes along with drug abuse. He also needs to find relief from the guilt he carries around as a burden and replace that with responsibility for his actions. Third, he needs to find a way to ease or eliminate cravings for more drugs.

Narconon Program Addresses All Three Areas Addicts Need to Handle

The Narconon program addresses all these areas, eliminating the need for more drugs or substitute drugs in place of the illicit drugs they have been using. When drugs such as buprenorphine (Suboxone, Subutex) or methadone are given to keep a person from abusing illegal drugs, it creates an addiction to another legal, addictive drug. In programs that use such substitute drugs for therapy, the success is often measured by the length of time a person stays in the program which has been providing the drugs and not by sobriety after leaving the program.

At Narconon, success is measured when the person remains sober and drug-free after completing the full rehab program. And this rate of success is seventy percent of those who complete the full Narconon program who remain sober and drug-free for a period of at least two years after finishing the program.

Florida Faces Unique Challenges

Several years ago, Florida became famous as the "OxyExpress," with pill mills so abundant that people from states such as Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia and even further away would drive down I-95 or I-75 to obtain prescription painkillers from these pill mills. They would take bundles of pills home and sell them for ten times or more what they had paid for them in Florida. However, despite the stateÕs new prescription drug strike force, deaths in Florida from prescription drug overdoses have only decreased by about eight percent in the past year. Many pill mills were closed down and doctors who were unethically prescribing them arrested, but this hasnÕt yet translated into significant saving of lives of people who are addicted to these powerful opioid drugs.

It takes some time to get over drug addiction whether to opioids, marijuana or any other drug or alcohol. Narconon programs located in Destin, Clearwater and Spring Hill, Florida provide hope and help for those who need time to recover. At each of these Narconon locations, one will find caring Narconon staff members who will assist a recovering addict to succeed with each step of the program. The staffs know that recovery is fully possible with Narconon. Tens of thousands of people have already found sobriety through Narconon programs around the world. Seven of ten Narconon graduates find lasting sobriety through Narconon.


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