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Drug abuse can be tremendously distressing for both the user and anyone close to him. When one is directly affected by drug use, it is often very difficult to break the bonds of addiction and get clean and sober again. Statistics for Georgia show that cocaine is the most commonly cited drug for admission into that state's drug treatment programs. Additionally, the number of meth lab seizures in Georgia increased by 91% in just two years, reaching 128 seizures in 2009. And Federal surveys show one of every fourteen Georgia citizens is in need of drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Fortunately, Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers can help a person who suffers with any drug problem turn his life around. Narconon has been one program that helps many tens of thousands to recover a sober, productive life. For many who have tried numerous other rehab programs first without success, Narconon provides an alternative program that is effective in helping them to break free from the bonds of drug addiction.

Narconon operates a comprehensive, holistic program in more than fifty locations around the world. The Narconon program includes a relatively tolerable withdrawal which provides support in the form of generous nutritional supplementation and assist, procedures somewhat like a gentle massage that help ease the aches and pains. This is also a transition period for the person who has been addicted to drugs to reorient himself to the world around him, and build up his body with good nutrition, rest and relaxation in a secure, safe environment.

Once withdrawal is done, the recovering addict is soon ready to begin on the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program. This is a unique sauna-based detox program where the person can actually eliminate residues of drugs and alcohol that have been stored in the fatty tissues of the body. These residues have been shown to be capable of triggering cravings for drugs even many years after the person has stopped taking them. Reducing or eliminating drug cravings is a vital part of handling the addiction problem.

That one factor may be part of the reason for the very high success rate of the Narconon program. Seventy percent of Narconon graduates remain drug-free and sober at least two years after finishing the full program, one of the highest successful rehab rates in that field in the world.

After going through the detoxification, each person is ready to study several life skills courses to help develop the life skills needed to stay free of drugs in the future. He also has an opportunity to address the guilt and depression that plagues most drug addicts. He has a chance to make up damage he may have caused loved ones when he was using drugs. This can help alleviate his guilt for actions he wasn't proud of that he did to try to maintain his drug habit. In addition, he also finds out about a new common-sense moral code which he can use to guide his course to a drug-free future.

Georgians Usually Cite Cocaine as Reason for Entering Rehab Treatment

Nationally the cocaine use rate has been falling but in Georgia, cocaine is the drug most people give as the reason they come into a treatment program. Prescription drug abuse in Georgia is another problem. Deaths from prescription drug overdoses have reached such a high level that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have labeled it an epidemic.

Georgia now has implemented a prescription drug monitoring program. But despite such monitoring more people have become addicted to prescription opioids in the past several years, and overdoses due to these drugs have tripled in just the past seven years according to the CDC.


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