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Addiction to drugs or alcohol not only destroys the life of the person addicted, but also tears families apart. In the Netherlands, thousands are addicted to drugs and everyone suffers — the addict, his (or her) family and society. With so many illicit drugs making their way into the country from Africa before being distributed to other European nations, the availability never seems to dwindle. This is why it is so important to find a drug rehab that provides lasting recovery from addiction. Luckily, the Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is available in the Netherlands for lasting sobriety.

Preventing Relapse is Vital

The last survey done in 2011 showed that popular drugs in Holland included marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, and opiates. Although addicts entered treatment for addiction to these drugs, statistics have indicated that relapse often occurs, with more than 13,000 entering treatment in 2011 and only 7,671 coming into treatment as new clients. This seems to show that nearly half of those who go to find recovery from addiction failed and had to return.

For most people, lasting recovery takes a long-term treatment program and in 2012, long-term care was reduced in the Netherlands and outpatient programs were expanded. This type of treatment is not successful for many people dealing with addiction problems in Holland. However, with Narconon, there is no set time limit on the recovery program. What is important is that a person learns to overcome his addiction and can return home confident he can remain clean.

Narconon is an Effective Long-Term Rehab

With the drug problem in the Netherlands, it is vital to find the most effective and successful program available. Narconon is just that — effective and highly successful. The program delivered at Narconon Z├╝tphen provides a drugless treatment which helps an addict get back his life and parents to get back their child, the way he was before taking drugs. The person arrives and gets through a tolerable withdrawal, a thorough detoxification to flush out drug residues stored in the tissues and life skills training.

Drug Addiction Help

There is no time limit for a person’s stay at Narconon. The program usually takes from three to six months, but some people need more time. After withdrawal, the recovering person does exercises which improve his communication skills. This helps him recover his ability to communicate more effectively and thus better his progress through the detoxification and life skills courses.

Detoxification and Life Skills are Key Aspects of the Narconon Program

The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program is the phase which is important in addressing the physical dependency to drugs. Residual drugs become stored in the body’s fatty tissues, affecting the person for years after taking drugs, even when stopping their use. This detoxification flushes out these residue and other toxins, cleansing the body and clearing the mind. The recovering addict often comments when finishing this portion of the program that cravings are greatly diminished, if not completely gone.

On the Narconon Life Skills Courses the student learns reliable tools and effective knowledge that he needs to go back home and live his life without the need to turn to drugs or alcohol again. He learns how to face up to responsibility, find value and integrity in his life, and make the right decisions.

Narconon is a successful drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has branches in more than forty countries, helping tens of thousands of addicts the world over. The Narconon center in Zøtphen has helped many who were addicted to drugs leave them behind for good and get back in control of their lives and destinies.


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